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Podcasts will not download

Podcasts will not download





United States 


Samsung Galaxy ZFlip

Operating System

Android 12


Podcasts will not download. When you tap the download button, it will just turn into an exclamation point and not download. When you tap it again it will say "download removed." I have plenty of space on my phone. I tried clearing cache, force stop, restarting phone, nothing works. Songs are still downloading normally. 


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Hey @BrandEver 


Sorry to hear that you're having such an experience with the app.


We'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app. Please follow the steps from this Spotify Guide exactly, as this will assure that all app data is cleared completely, before reinstalling.


Also, make sure that Battery optimization is not enabled for Spotify from the system app settings, as well as that the app is granted all permissions. These settings could be hindering the performance of the app.


If none of the above helps, let us know if this is happening with just a specific podcast or every podcast you try downloading.


Keep us posted on how you get on with this.




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