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Potential workaround for Android Auto issues affecting Volkswagon/Audi/SEAT/Skoda owners

Potential workaround for Android Auto issues affecting Volkswagon/Audi/SEAT/Skoda owners

So this thread is basically a follow-up this thread that had been closed:


Please read the first post of this thread to see if this is the problem you are experiencing. This specific issues apparently only affects Volkswagen brand cars (ie. VW/Audi/Skoda/SEAT). Presumabely ones using MIB2 based infotainment systems.


At the very end of the thread, there was a user that indicated that there seems to be a correllation between this problem and whenever there is a weak data signal on his phone that could have caused the next song track to hang and eventually crash. Based on this observation, i figure it may help to change some android settings that relate to this. These options are available in Developer Mode in Android (google it to see how to activate it).


I decided to turn on the setting that makes wifi agressively handover the Wifi signal to your mobile data connection (driving around, you commonly come upon weak wifi signals that may interfere with your connection) and turn on the setting that keeps mobile data on even when there is a wifi signal conneciton (a fail-safe in case you're connected to a weak/unusable wifi signal). In addition, I've read on another forum that indicates that you should turn USB connection to use data (instead of charge only) which may help for those that experience "Android Auto Connection 12" - errors.


So to summarize, these are the steps you can try:


- Enable Developer Mode

- Turn ON "Agressive Wi-Fi to mobile handover"

- Turn ON "Mobile data always active"

- Change "Select USB Configuration" to something other than "Charging" (I used MTP: media transfer protocal)


Potential drawbacks with this workaround: decreased battery life due to data always being on.


I've only tested it for about 10 minutes and so far it works. I had one instance where the sound would completely stop during a song skip when the phone chose to go from mobile data to wifi and then back again. However, I was able to skip the song in order to clear it up (which I was never able to do before). So please try this out and let me know if you guys have any luck.

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