Problem controlling playing device from app, cannot change playlist

Problem controlling playing device from app, cannot change playlist


Family plan in Italy, playing on Linux-Speaker-Player controlled by Windows 10 Spotify-App or Android.


My problem (AND HOW IT SHOULD WORK): While listening to music on the Linux-Player/device cannot just select a new piece of music or playlist and hit play,  and then have this new selection playing from the connected device (previously I would have done just this).


context: Playback is graet, connection never drops, device is always visible in account, lack is ca. 1sek.

Playing device is always visible in the device list (and on green buttom bar in app).


Solution: now I need first to move playback back to controlling device (Windows app or Android app) then start playing localy the new selection and only after this go to devices and sellect the player again as an output in devices, very annoying.

If I do not du this the current song wil just restart when I hit play on anything (another son, playlist, radio etc.)


Is there a workaround to this new obstacle, why did Spotify introduce this ?

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Hey @slinbin.


Spotify for Linux is a labor of love from our engineers that wanted to listen to Spotify on their Linux development machines. They work on it in their spare time and it is currently not a platform that we actively support. The experience may differ from our other Spotify Desktop clients, such as Windows and Mac.


You could try to do a quick reinstallation of the app. Making sure all devices are logged into the same account and are connected to the same network. If this doesn't help, try posting in the Linux section for advice. There is some experienced Linux users that might help you out.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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