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Ps4 Spotify tracks keeps pausing its self after 1-3 seconds of trying to play any track

Ps4 Spotify tracks keeps pausing its self after 1-3 seconds of trying to play any track

My spotify app on my ps4, every time I try to play any of the music tracks 

 It just seems to pause it's self after 1 to 3 seconds of trying to play any track, it would be grateful if spotify could fix this bug issue because it is getting very annoying.

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well tried unlinking my fb and then attemted to play songs,worked for about 10 seconds,then relinked my fb,back to 1-3 seconds, so now we know its both the facebook and the spotify service,ok,giving up now.

I started having trouble with this today and idk what to do

Tbf I’ve just resulted to YouTube and it’s as good as Spotify and u get a video so **** Spotify 

Yea same but its 2 and 1 seconds for me

I just started having this problem today, and I've tried absolutely everything. People are saying its a problem with Samsung TVs, but I don't own a Samsung TV. Not sure what to do about this

The new account i´ve created doesn´t work anymore on my ps4 and even my Spotify TV App (Samsung MU8000) it´s having the issue. 

It’s being fixed “apparently”

Did they give a time frame on that?


I just opened it up and it’s working fine for me now

So far, for me too!

For me too!

Just as a test I downloaded the Spotify app to my TV (Samsung 4k) and it has the same problem so it's not a PS4 issue. Spotify plays fine on my iPhone but once I choose my TV or PS4 from "Other Devices" on the mobile app they both start pausing.

Same issue here on my PS3 4.83 with latest Spotify version. I've tried with a Facebook linked account and with another one that's not linked. Both failing the same way, sometimes I don't even get 0.5s sound. It's not fixed at all!! 

Has anyone from spotify and responded back? Seems like really bad customer support.

It Works for me now Cheeses yes 😁

Works again after two weeks

PS3 Updated to 4.84, with Spotify 1.22 (latest one) and still NOT WORKING AT ALL! 

Mine works now. Must be a rolling fix. I sure wish the support team at spotify communicated better or at all with the their customers..

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