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Ps4, error on start up of app.

Ps4, error on start up of app.



Country ireland



PlayStation 4


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When I start the Spotify app it tries to load for about 10 seconds but then just says error (see attached pic). There is a long number underneath but it's always different. 

I have tried reinstalling several times, on internal and an external HD. 

I have rebuilt the playstations data base and restored all licences. 

I really don't know what else I can try. 


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try using a different dns server in you ps4's network configs. no idea why this worked but it did, for the same issue.

I actually solved it a while back bud. Turns out someone had hacked my Spotify account and changed the location to Brazil (no idea why). I changed it back and changed my password and all working fine since.

Annoyingly most of my recommended music is **bleep** rap now 🙄. They clearly had no taste. 

How do I fix this?

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