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Radio feature missing or not working properly


Radio feature missing or not working properly







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 I like to use the playlist radio feature to find new songs for my playlist, but recently I can't find the option anymore on my computer. I used to just press the ellipses to the right of the 'play/pause' button on the playlist, then I would press the 'go to playlist radio' button. But now I don't see that option, while I do still it on my android phone. Where is it?



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It's back for mee too, at least for now, but I'm not ready to let 'em of the hook just yet, not untill I know it's not just an effort to silence the protests, and then remove it again, for good.

Radio is back but setting radio froma single root song does not create an infinite radio station, but setting a playlist as a root does.

I think Spotify is telling us that we can use Spotify to play music but we
need to use other services for music discovery.

The situation got worse for me the last days. I'm now only able to start a radio directly from a album (or song/artist) while using my iPhone. It's so annoying! I already stopped my premium account and wrote formal mails to the support. They gave me 1 month premium for free, but the problem with radio didn't changed and I don't think anyone I wrote with really got what I was complaining about.

Does anyone know a good alternative for Spotify?

Edit: Got an Update on Spotify. Now I haven't got a chance to start a radio, wether on PC or mobile devices. Nice work! :(((

I'm having the same issue as Karotte2188, where every time I try to make a new radio station it just takes me to a fake station that is really just a playlist made by spotify labeled "radio". This is so obnoxious. I don't want a playlist, I want a station I can tune. After trying it with different songs and albums I finally got one to work correctly somehow but I can't follow the station because there is just no "follow" button or three dots option menu at all. What gives??

Dont know if you are on desktop or not, but i found a workaround. Pick a
playlist you want to have a radio station for, select the last song, play
it, hit next song. You should now be in playlist radio and if you're lucky
will be able to follow it.

Playlist radio was back for a few days and with the next update it's gone again (Windows client). Spotify, WHY do you keep doing stuff like that, I really don't understand it. It's really annoying.

I just had a support agent tell me that " The creating the Radio station feature was removed on the last update on the app. We've changed the way radio works by converting Radio into playlists."

Not acceptable in any way, shape or form. 

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So, customers doesn't matter for Spotify - or at least it feels like this. They change a great feature into trash and didn't even get the idea of telling us! Not often heard of such a nonsense.

As I mentioned earlier, as I recall, they have been down this road before. If my memory serves me right, they couldn't/wouldn't use genre based/AI generated "Radio" due to some infringement according to the radio organisations, and had to generate static playlists instead of "fluid" radio. I don't know the details. I guess if the function resembles radio too much they have to pay the fees associated with having a radio station? Nevertheless, I want my playlist radio back. I still got it on some of my PC's which I refuse to update, and the functionality still seems to be there.

Why doesn't Spotify at least explain its rationale for doing what it does?

Right now, Spotify seems capricious and uncaring about their user base.

If they would say something like, "We're sorry, but because of the
following legal issues, we are no longer able to offer this service", then
at least we wouldn't think that Spotify takes a callous attitude towards
its customer base.

What we have here is a combination of diminishing functionality and poor
communication and customer relations.

Totally agree!

All this is very annoying. Do you mean that now to start a playlist radio I have to go to a playlist, play the last song, scrub until it is almost at the end, and then my playlist radio will play?


That is the only workaround I know of so far. And its only for desktop. My
android app allows me to make a playlist radio, but then it can't be
followed. If you can start on an app and then switch over to desktop maybe
you can follow it.

Yeah, I was hoping for that too, since the iOS app allows me to create radios from playlists. However, I cannot access those radios on the desktop app. Maybe I can follow them.


Edit: just tried, cannot follow radio stations on the iOS app. Also, there is no "radio" tab anywhere in the iOS app. Great way for Spotify not to fragment user experience.

One of the tricks is to leave it playing, so Spotify Connect picks up the
station, then click album art to go to the station. After Following it, it
should show up in your Stations.
You could also maybe see it in Recently Played as a station.
Following seems to only be possible from the desktop/web version.

Alright, I could follow it, thanks! 


It still doesn't show up in my radio stations but maybe it takes some time. Thanks again (I will update)!

So I have 2 working solutions right now for iOS and macOS.


iOS: go to your playlist, press the 3 dot menu in the upper right corner, scroll down and there is the option „go to radio“ (or whatever it is called in english)


macOS: right click on a playlist in the left menu bar gives you the option „go to radio“


Both lead to the classic playlist radio list as befor.

I don't have any issues with iOS. 


However, for MacOS the option has disappeared (see screenshot)


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 11.02.28 AM.png

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