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Roku Remote Problems

Roku Remote Problems

I'm having some new issues with my Spotify app on Roku. 


When I use the forward button to skip a song, it won't skip the song, but will just progress the song by a few seconds. 

The up/down arrows always skip two spots. 


I've taken batteries out of the remote and cleaned it. I've also removed the app on the Roku and reinstalled it. 


I'm not having this problem with any other apps on the Roku. Is anyone else experiencing this? It is driving me INSANE. 

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My remote on the roku Spotify app races thru the search too fast to search a title. It only does it on the Spotify app .

Agree,  was this never tested?  I have to "Delicately" barely touch the arrow keys to go 1 letter in the search.  Extremely frustrating.   This is my wife and I's fav way to listen together in the evening, it's a shame it's so hard to use.

It's not your remote. It must be some sort of Roku bug because mine worked fine and recently. Both my remote and the Roku virtual remote on the smartphone app do not work right. Pressing the arrow registers twice and skips over characters. I have a TCL YW003M828463 Roku smart TV.

I can't log into Spotify on my remote.  It races through the letters and won't stop on the letter that I'm searching for in order to log in.  Because it's taking 20 mintues to get all the letters punched in for my email address and password, it's not letting me into the app on Roku.  Got any suggestions?

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