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Samsung Gear Modes


honestly i think misunderstood, what the App on Samsung Gear (S2 & S3) really provides.

Since, at least during installation, it is necessary to have the Spotify App installed on the connected Smartphone, i thought the Gear App is more or less just a remote control for the smartphone.

The fact, that i can browse also my playlists and having my smartphone BT connected to my car's audio device, made me belive this.

But now, after playing music in my car, using the gear app controlling my smartphone i found out, that my data consumption increased rapildy, which can only be explained that the gear app is streaming the songs always from the web.

So, not what i'm looking for 😞

Sure, i could use the gear's regular MP3 Player to control playback from the phone, but then i'm lossing the control over playlists ...

Is the a way or a plan to allow the gear app to just remote control the phone?



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