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Samsung Smart TV


Samsung Smart TV



I have a Samsung Smart TV purchased in Dubai, i reset the TV and started it all up whilst connected to my UK VPN, i have the Spotify app but i get a message saying that the TV's firmware doesnt support the app.


Any ideas?

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In the US firmware was updated to 1025 and no sign of spotify.... so guess we get to wait longer.

You mean to tell me after the swarm of Samsung smart TV and smart blueray player users demanding the Spotify app for those devices, and it will only be available for the European market and only on select Tv models? What a joke you are spotify. Ahh bull pucky to all you streaming audio services, you do realize that Rhapsody beat all you guys to the punch, I now have access to Rhapsody available on my computer, my Samsung Smart Blue ray player, and also any hand held authorized device. I told you guys to get off your lazy asses or another streaming service would beat you to the punch. Well guess what, after the new year Rhapsody will get my business back, you screwed up and lost any future business I might have given you.

Rhapsody available only 

Supported Countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany


The Spotify countries

Spotify is available in the following countries:

So? The point of my post was that there was a large number of Samsung smart device users that spent time keeping up with the posts here and when the Spotify app would be added to the smart app center on said devices. I am in the States, so I could care less if the subscription music service was through AOL or any other supported company. My main point is that I now have access to streaming music from both Rhapsody and also MOG, and where is Spotify? Still screwing around with handsy market testing, when they already know that anyone with a Samsung smart device that already has the 001030 firmware update on their devices the app should be available period and it is not, as Spotify has chosen to limit the release of where the app is available. When a company pulls a stunt like this, well they lose my business, and since they choose to limit to only in a European market and  on a set limit model number of devices, I won't hold my breath for the full release of the app through all the rest of the devices. I was only holding out on the off chance Spotify would release the app to all Samsung smart devices, before making my decision of which subscription service to use, but that does not seem to be the case at the moment. For me it is my access I care about, I am not all that concerned for everywhere else, I want quality not quantity at this point in the game. I can live with the ad supported version of Spotify at the moment, as at the moment the premium service is not worth it to me, as I do not now have access through my Samsung smart device to the Spotify service. Smug marketing tactics do not sway me, it is me having access that will be the deciding factor in which service I use. Rhapsody, MOG, Spotify,or Rdio could be US only region access and I would still choose Rhapsody over Spotify now, as I have access with my device through Rhapsody and MOG, and also it is only $4.99 a month for desktop and Samsung Smart device access for MOG and not $9.99 a month through Spotify. If these entertainment companies are going to play the region specific game, I will go where the access is and give that business my money, everyone else I won't. It does not matter to me how many different countries a service is in it is which devices I can have access to that service that matters to me the most.

Correction MOG did provide services to samsung smart devices, it would seem they have sent a remove file to all samsung devices for the app to be removed from the smart hub, ohh well another service bites the dust. So this would be a perfect time for spotify to increase it's proliferation of access with it's app to the rest of the markets where there are samsung smart devices being used.

I have a samsung T24B750EW  7 Series LED TV/Monitor. When will this model be supported as i can see the app but still have firmware issue.

I have a Series 5 Samsung Smart tv that's just come into the house over x-mas.
One of the reasons I chose that tv was because it had the spotify app on it so I hope that spotify will be available on that tv soon.

If its a uexxes5500 then it will be able to run Spotify but you will need to upgrade the firmware first to version xx030. 

Not a fix for the Spotify on Samsung smart tvs but I decided I did not want to have to my on for the lengths that I stream music so opted for running an hdmi cable from a computer to my receiver and purchased an rf keyboard with track pad. So far no issues... Everything on my computer can now go through my stereo and shows up on the tv when I have it on.

For those who cant install it due to regional restriction can confirm working solution:


Just change for United Kingdom and voila.


Only problem is with locally installed apps, they will be gone after TV reboot.

And changing back to previous location Spotify app will be gone.


Best solution is to have app in zip file but I havent find it yet in web, if someone have please share.

There was just an update to my Samsung TV


Now Spotify works! Thanks Samsung & Spotify!


Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Confirmed the region change works for even US users.

Hi, could you please indicate whether an app for the Samsung D-series is being worked on and when it is expected to be released?

I want to know the same - I have a Samung Bluray BD-D8500N. According to Swedish support, Spotify is about to be released during Q1 2013 on my device.

But perhaps thatt information is incorrect?

Any chance the app will be available for my ue40d8000?

Spotify worked fine on my new 3 day old  EU32E5500 un till this mornings update on Spotify app. Now comes up witha message saying that the TV's firmware doesnt support the app. My firmware is upto date. Now not so happy with Spotify. Any one have any work arounds ?

I have a 46" Smart LED-TV ES5705, and after the latest firmware update spotify was installed. But everytime I start it it says the firmware is not supported.

Tried googling it, but cant find any good answers.

Hello ppl, i have to update my firmware on my smartTV,but what is the up to date firmware? pls help..:)

Hi. Im just wondering if you know when spotify will be avalible for my samsung ht-e6500 hometheatre system.  -> 

The video shows how to updated firmware on Samsung (Es5705)by connecting your Tv to the internet. 

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