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Searching in playlists is broken

Searching in playlists is broken

Hello, I've been dealing with a bug where whenever I search within a playlist, the search will display and show the correct songs, but when I click them, it will down right just play the wrong song. The song that it plays will be the song that is in that place of the unfiltered playlist. For example, if the first song of my playlist is Blackbird by The Beatles, and then I search for songs by Metallica, it will display all of the songs by Metallica, however if I click the first result, it will play Blackbird instead. This also applies to the suffle feature too. So if I search for songs by a certain artist then click shuffle, it will just shuffle the playlist as a whole without being filtered. It is extremely annoying to deal with this as I'm one of those people that has all of their songs in one playlist, so it makes it impossible to listen to one kind of music because I just can't search. I've tried re installing the app, restarting my phone, logging out and back in and going in offline mode multiple times but none of it works. I had this same issue around 2 months ago and it seemed to fix itself, so I assumed it was a bug and got hotfixed but I guess it's back now. Any help is appreciated and if I'm posting in the wrong area please tell me because I've never posted here before. I should also mention that the shuffle resets really randomly aswell



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