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Should I expect a Gramofon to still work with Spotify Connect?

Should I expect a Gramofon to still work with Spotify Connect?




United Kingdom


Gramofon (

PC / MacBook Pro / Android Oneplus 6T

Operating System

Windows 10 (Spotify / Mojave / Android 9.x (Spotify


My Question or Issue

I recently bought a working Gramofon to connect a speaker to.


It's set up on my wifi, and on my ethernet connection. I've verified that I can connect to it and play music via its other streaming options. It's using the latest firmware version 3.1.9.


It does not appear as a device that I can stream Spotify Connect to, however.


It's out of warranty at this point - no support from Fon, the manufacturer.


My question - should I expect this device to still work with Spotify Connect?


I realise software changes over time, and really I want to know whether I should keep trying to make it work, or whether this is now broken and unlikely to be fixed. If that's the case, I'm prepared for that (the unit cost £10, I can weather that!), but I'd appreciate knowing so as to not waste time.


Have there been any breaking changes to the Spotify Connect API/SDK since, I guess, 2015?

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Hey @petemounce.


Thanks for getting in touch!


The Gramofon uses Spotify Connect which is still very much supported.


Have you tried reinstalling the app on your devices? You can read here how. If it doesn't help, let us know on which devices the Gramofon does not show up and what happens if you test it on a different network.


Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day.

Hi Guido


I was able to get it working via twitter support from spotifycares. I'm not sure what was the deciding factor, though.

After installing a new Fritzbox and fiberglass, the Gramofon does not work again.

How could I make it work again?

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