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Silinen Şarkılar

Spotify uygulaması kendi kendine saçma bir şekilde beğenilen şarkıları siliyorrr!!!! 😡😡😡  En azından silinen veya eski beğenilen şarkılar diye bir bölüm (çalma listesi) gelse adam akıllı en azından uygulamanın yaptığı hatayı bir ne bide de olsa telafi eder lütfen bu mesajı dikkate allın, şuan bildiğim kadarıyla en az 40 şarkımı silmiş 

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Hey @dj_power!


Spotify doesn't removed like songs however usually in particular the main reason that can cause this is because some songs get re-uploaded from the artists as a new version and they take the old one down to to substitute with this replacement. In these cases you'd need to re-add the songs to your Liked songs.


If this happens to a lot of songs as you have mentioned, Try logging in on your Account page and going to ''Apps'' in the menu on the left side.  There you can see all third party apps that are connected to your account and we'd recommend that you "Remove Access" for the apps that you don't recognize.


It's also a good idea to clear your cache with the steps here.


Let me know how that goes


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