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Song available on Spotify Web, but not on the app

Song available on Spotify Web, but not on the app


I have noticed some songs weren't available anymore on my playlists, so i assumed that the artist removed the song rights for Spotify.

But, i decided to search the issue online, and found a link to the song on Spotify Web, and i opened, and i was able to listen to the song on the web player.

I then decided to put the link on the desktop app, but it says that the song isn't available anymore. Same on the iOS app.

Any help on the issue? I have noticed this a couple of times, but the song in question is: <>


Thank you

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Hey @heatmanofurioso!


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That's odd. If possible, try to log in using a friend's account to see if you're still able to play the song from the Web Player.


Keep us posted.

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Having the same issue with a "Ben Howard" song called "Empty Corridors". Pops up at the webplayer, i can play it there. When i add it to my music through the webplayer it pops up grey in the app on desktop.


What to do?





It's happening to me too, with many songs from Vangelis and Enigma to Roxy Music. I can listen to the songs only in the web player, the app just jump them and shows the message "song not avaliable".


I'm having the same problem with Wilco albums. Works fine in the web player. Doesn't work when trying to play in desktop app (Win 10) or Android app.


I have submitted a support request through the contact us page. Still waiting for a response.

I'm having the same problem with all of the Queens Of The Stone Age, Pearl Jam and Arctic Monkeys catalogue. I remember that recently there was an update for both mobile and desktop... has it something to do with it? I already tried deleting and reinstalling the app (both on my iPhone and Mac) and the problem persists.


Any ideas on what's going on?

Nope. No idea what fixed it. It wasn't anything I did. I think they're having intermittent problems somewhere in their back-end systems.

That is strange. I have access to all of them.
Might be a country block?

They could also be updating data. And you had bad luck when trying to query it

Problem happened again to me. This time the album is "Super Slimey" by Future & Young Thug. If I click play for the album from the desktop app, it just jumps to playing track 5. But, I can stream the full album with the web player.

Dear Spotify, Apperently this problem keeps popping up for different songs. I have it in my desktop for songs from Grizzly bear, but each month, it is another artist that won't play all. This is ridiculous. Please reply on your official support forum, it's what you are supposed to do. Do not let down your paying customers.

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