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Songs Not Adding to Playlist

Songs Not Adding to Playlist

I have a recent (last 3-4 months) issue on a playlist I maintain weekly. Typically I can only add 1 new song to it. When I try to add a second, the song does not add. If I shut down Spotify and re-start, then I can add another song. Sometimes, I can add two before it stops, but after shutdown and re-start it always lets me add at least one. I have removed Spotify from my PC and re-installed with no luck - any thoughts?

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I am also having this problem for a couple of months now & it is driving me nuts. Did you figure out how to fix it?

No, no one else replied

Hey @johndm ! 

Hmm, that sounds tough. 

Can you add them via the Web-Player ?



Happens with ios on ipad, chrome on home pc and ms explorer on work pc

I've had this problem for at least a month already: I can't add songs to one of my playlists. Only one of them for some reason, the other playlists work fine. I even deleted songs from this playlist to make more space in case it was full (although I don't think playlists can even be full), but it still doesn't work. How do I fix this issue??

Hey @joha ! Welcome to the community ^^


Do you've reinstalled the app/client ?




I hven't gotten it fixed yet but same story - only one or two playlists do this

I deleted one and basically reconstructed it and still have the issue


here's an tutorial for clearing your cache:

Follow these steps ^^

  1. Uninstall Spotify and remove all folders.
    • This includes: ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.Client
    • ~ Represents your home folder.
    • Go to Finder and click Go in the top menu.
    • If you don’t see Library, hold down Alt on your keyboard.
  2. Ensure any programs with Flash aren't running and perform an uninstall.
  3. Restart your computer and install Flash again.
  4. Download and install Spotify.


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