Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.


Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.

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I'm using a free plan and using a HP pavilion Chromebook on Chrome OS 65. 

I cannot download the actual spotify player because im on Chromebook so i use the web player a lot but recently whenever a start a song, it skips after 2 second, then again and for every song. It just keeps skipping after a couple seconds. 

I've went through a lot of threads but they were all from around 2014 so i created a new one, if there is a new answer.

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Here is what you do, go onto the spotify app on your chromebook and click on the 3 dots on the right hand corner, then click on app info. Once you do that, click allow protected content. and then refresh the app. Now it should be working! If youre on the web player on chrome browser then just press on the lock symbol on the left hand side of the url on top, then allow protected content right there. Refresh. Now it should be working for you too!

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OK, thanks, this might be the root cause. Previously it used to work with my organization's VPN, but now either they have changed something or Spotify did. 


But I guess there is nothing we can do at the moment, so let's close this thread.


Thank you for your support anyway!



I was having the same issue. I made sure i allowed for higher content playback, but most importantly i updated to the latest version of chrome.


I think spotify only works properly on the latest version of chrome because of some security something. 


hopefully this helps someone.


click on clock/ battery > settings (gear icon) > about chrome os > click update