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Soundlink and Bluetooth




is Spotify working with the Bose Soundlink (with Bluetooth)?

I'd like to get a Soundlink to play my music outdoor, with good quality, but i dont want to get this speaker, if it doesn't work well with Spotify. So - is it possible to connect Spotify with this speaker via bluetooth (from my laptop, android-phone and pc) or do i need to connect it with AUX(line in/out)? Or can't i play my music with this speaker anyway?


I just found an old post, where a user said that he had some problems to play his spotify music with it : / (Spotify -> Android phone -> Bose Soundlink)


thanks :).

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Bluetooth is handled by your device not by Spotify. The speakers should work with any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled device. Ironically, you may struggle more to get bluetooth streaming from your laptop than your adnroid device.




You should be able to connect to your Bose Soundlink through your laptop/phone bluetooth connection. Since it's already bluetooth enabled, you shouldn't need any additional connections. Just turn on the speaker, turn on the bluetooth on your phone/laptop and let it detect the speaker.


I have a Bose Sound Dock (when iPods were still a thing) which isn't bluetooth enabled. I didn't want to buy a whole new bluetooth speaker, so I came across a bluetooth adapter at Target for $30 that I can stick into the iPod connecter pin and stream my music that way. It works perfectly fine with both my phone and macbook.


Good luck.


I too am having problems with Bose Soundlinks and my MacBook, if I turn a speaker on in bluetooth mode  enable bluetooth in the toolbar and try and get Spotify to play through it, it doesn't want to know, if I use my EarPods instead then it works fine.  You may think the Soundlinks are faulty but they work with Apple music just fine.


Hey @Songthrush,


Thanks for posting on the Community. 


Could you tell us if the issue started after any recent OS/firmware update? Also, we recommend checking for any available updates.


Changing tunes, we recommend running a clean reinstall on your device to get rid of any configuration that might be causing issues. This one is more thorough than the usual one. 


Let us know how it goes.

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Hi @AndresM

Do you mean re-install Spotify when you say 'tunes'?


Hi @Songthrush!


Yes, try reinstalling the Spotify app to see if that does the trick. Make sure also that your bluetooth speaker is paired with your MacBook. Once the two devices are paired and connected, the sound from Spotify should play through your bluetooth speaker. In case the devices were already paired, try removing your speaker from the list of remembered devices and pairing it again.


Keep us posted.

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Hi Yorden,

My problem is solved!!  I can now send music from my MacBook Air (latest SW) to any bluetooth device OR any speaker on my Airplay network.  I can also send music from my iPhone 8 to any bluetooth device OR any any speaker on my Airplay network.

I see this is an old post, I'm interested to know what speaker you got in the end?

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