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Spotify 2018 Statistik

Spotify 2018 Statistik

Is it still possible to see my Spotify 2018 Analytics/Statistics.
If I used the Spotify Wrapped Link, it show me only 2 Playlist, with my top Tracks, and other unlisten music. So is that still possible? Or not anymore 😞 😕

Nochmal in Deutsch:
Kann ich meine Spotify Statistik 2018 noch abrufen, mit Daten wie Musikstreaming usw.? Oder ist das nicht mehr möglich, weil mir der Spotify Wrapped Link jediglich 2 Plalisten mit meinen Top Tracks aus dem Jahre 2018 anzeigt 😕


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Hi there,


Welcome to the Community! 


You can go to the Wrapped Hub to listen to the best music you've listened to in  2018 here.


Unfortunately, the Spotify Wrapped website (where you were able to view your status) is no longer available.

The stats can only be checked in December, make sure you don't miss it again! 


Hope this helps, have a great day! 🙂

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