Spotify Connect Zone 2 Only on Hi-Fi Receivers

Spotify Connect Zone 2 Only on Hi-Fi Receivers

Hi! Has anyone on the community had any luck playing Spotify Connect (or on a rather modern Hi-Fi receiver on Zone 2 only?


I've just installed my brand-new Sony STR-DN1080 and had no success whatsoever trying to listen to Spotify Connect (or AirPlay for that matter) on Zone 2 EXCLUSEVELY. It always reverts my Main Zone back to Spotify (or AirPlay) as one common source for both zones. When I try to change my Main Zone source to any other source (SAT/CATV for example) the Zone 2 speakers stop casting. When I turn off the Main Zone, Zone 2 remains On (Standby), but the music cast stops.


A little background: I have a 5.1 speaker system on the Main Zone and 2 speakers on another room, connected directly to the Zone 2 Speaker connections back on the receiver. The only sources I could use exclusively on Zone 2 were the Analog RCAs and Home Network. In the Home Network case I use Serviio on my old iMac with a couple of Online Streaming Radios setup for testing. While using Spotify Connect the display in front of the receiver shows "SPOTIFY" but the Zone Controls GUI shows nothing at all. That's the same behavior while using AirPlay. Front display shows "AirPlay" but Zone Controls GUI shows nothing as well.


Interestingly, I just updated the firmware on the STR-DN1080 to the latest version M41.R.0374 and after that the list of Devices Available on my iPhone (5S iOS11) Spotify App keeps changing from "Spotify Connect" to "Chromecast". They appear at the same time just for a few seconds (3s max). This happens after I started my trial period for Spotify Premium, precisely in order to test the Spotify Feature on the STR-DN1080. I thought that feature would solve my "AirPlay" not playing exclusively on Zone 2 problem. The funny thing is that when "Casting" (instead of Spotify "Connecting"), I can successfully turn off the Main Zone and my Spotify music continue playing on my Zone 2 speakers. I also use another Spotify account, not premium yet, to test the "Casting" vs "Connecting" behavior. I also kind think I succeeded last night "Casting"(not "Connecting"), but it was after so many hours of trial and error that I am not sure any longer...


Rather surprising is the choice of "Music Services List" on the Zone Controls GUI option. When choosing it, nothing happens at all. That is, when I try casting or connecting both zones plays my chosen source (Chromecast or Spotify Connect), and the Zone Controls GUI shows nothing as per usual (if we press this option "Source" is with the "selecting bullet").


For the moment, I am using the Home Network Server (macOS Serviio). But this is not as elegant and as practical as a direct Spotify connection exclusive to Zone 2. The AirPlay function would be nice as well, but this is not this forum's matter (I am using an old AirPort Express connected to the Red/White Analog RCA Jack's).


Sorry for the long description. And I hope someone has an idea for a solution. Cheers!


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