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Spotify Connect doesn't identify my xbox one properly

Spotify Connect doesn't identify my xbox one properly







Samsung Galaxy A10S, Dell Inspiron 5547 and XBOX ONE

Operating System

Android Pie, Windows 8.1 and Xbox One System Software


My Question or Issue

Spotify Connect used to work just fine until like a month ago when it stopped working properly out of nowhere. Now whenever I try to use the Spotify connect feature on my phone or my notebook to login to the xbox spotify app the Xbox One Console (named XRAFJELL as shown in the picture) is found but identified as a television (since the icon shows it this way) and when I select it, it just shows a "connecting..." message but never actually connects. Before this whole issue the xbox console used to display a controller icon and connect properly.

I still can login to the xbox spotify app via e-mail+password or pairing but these two methods are too time consuming to be repeatedly performed on a daily basis several times a day. I just want the Spotify Connect feature to work properly again because i'm tired of lengthy login procedures over and over again.


I have already tried reinstalling both mobile and xbox spotify apps, hard reset on the xbox and none of them have solved the issue.


I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

1 Reply

same, but this isn't my first time experiencing this issue. it usually "fixes" after a day or so, but extremely infuriating. Pin Pair, Connecting with phone, nor password works. 

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