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Spotify Connect doesn't work on Pioneer X-HM72

Spotify Connect doesn't work on Pioneer X-HM72

Hi, I just bought a Pioneer X-HM72 and successfully connected it to the internet via wi-fi. It supports Spotify Connect and the amp appears in the devices list of the Spotify app but if i click on connect it doesn't work. "Connecting" message appears for a few second but it is unable to connect. Any ideas?


EDIT Seemed like network issue, restarted working without doing anything

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I have the same problem. Did you already find any solution?

A few months ago they probably updated the software, so I am no longer experiencing this problem.



my Pioneer X-HM72 cannot connect to spotify without changing anything since for 2 weeks. any software update that caused this from Spotify? any suggestions? i can't see pioneer in the devices list at all..



Someone from Spotify who can suggest me what to do?? Spotify support is not that really helpful... At least in my case 



did anyone solved the problem with spotify connect?



The Pioneer X-HM72D is no longer supported - Not sure whether or not this is the exact model you have. For some reason Spotify decided to drop support for many different units causing a lot of dissatisfaction. Read more using the links below. For what it’s worth I think Spotify have the worst customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with. There has been no reposnse to the complaints at all.








Thanks a lot for your reply! If this is the case, then this is an important legal issue which Spotify has the main responsibility. I bought this model for a number of reasons and one of them was the simple connectivity between Spotify and pioneer.. Probably will end my spotify subscription. 

I started this topic, but right now spotify connect is working properly on my X-HM72D. I am using ethernet connection instead of wifi and the last Spotify app on an iPhone 6s and a Windows 10 notebook. Don't know if that matters but my country is Italy.

Hi Pierluigi - Just tested mine this morning and still nothing. I’m using the latest app on an iPhone 7. Did you re-install the app or do anything else?


I’m hoping that Spotify did a u-turn without saying anything, but maybe that’s too much to hope!

Maybe we should al to Spotify customer service???

I have the same Pioneer and yes the native app stopped working for me too. The device does no longer appear under spotify’s “Listen on”. The only way is to use airplay from another device but that means you control Spotify from that device and not from your pioneer’s remote. It seems that it’s not Pioneer to blame. 

It seems that Spotify are ignoring all the complaints. There has been a live 'idea' submitted since 1.2.18 which is still live....


There has been no response from Spotify. personally I think that they don't care.

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