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Spotify Connect is deleting my queues

Spotify Connect is deleting my queues

I use Spotify on both my iPod Touch and my computer, and I'm the kind of person who sets up giant queues when listening on the computer. However, whenever I have a queue set up, then leave and use my iPod to listen to Spotify, if I have a wi-fi connection, it asks me if I want to continue controlling music on the computer because of the connect feature. Even when I say to play on my iPod, not on the computer, I check back and my computer's queue is completely gone. This is really annoying because I often have huge queues set up of entire albums and then when I get back from using Spotify on the phone, I have to set up the queue again. The only solution I have found is to disable wi-fi on my iPod when I am in a wi-fi zone, but it is really inconvenient. Any idea how I can fix this?

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