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Spotify Connect not working with Sonos devices

Spotify Connect not working with Sonos devices

Spotify connect is terribly buggy with any sonos devices. Not experiencing issues with chromecast devices.

- When trying to connect to a Sonos device, it will immediately fail to connect
- After multiple attempts (4+) it will finally connect but no sound coming from Sonos device. Playback bar on Spotify app shows song is playing. Have to click play/pause button multiple times in Spotify app to start playback on Sonos device.

What I have tried so far:
- deleting and clearing cache of both apps
- deleting and readding Spotify integration for Sonos
- Restarting all Sonos devices and Android device

Android Version: 13
Spotify Version:
Sonos Version: 15.1.2
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same problem here, started happening during the last month 😞

Hi there folks,


Thanks for reaching out. Can you confirm the following:

  • Does the issue occur only with Sonos devices? Does Connect work as expected with other devices?
  • Can you connect all devices to a different network and see if the same happens there? You can use a hotspot from your phone if necessary.
  • Please send us a video showcasing this behaviour.

With this information, we’d be happy to investigate.

Keep us posted.


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Similar issue for me. Spotify Desktop app will not connect. Web Player and phone work fine though.

I think v1.2.5.954 was OK.

Sorry...just realised this is the Android section of the forum.

In the video you can see it takes several attempts to connect to the device. Even after connecting the Spotify app says the music is playing, but there is no sound coming from the sonos device. I have to keep clicking the play/pause button several times for the music to start playing.

Hello this is still an issue and making Spotify connect pretty much unusable.

Hey @tippietoes,


Thanks for all your replies and for the info shared.


We apologize for the late response. In this case, we'd like to gather some additional details. Just to confirm, are you trying to connect to more than one Sonos device? Are you trying to use Connect with a Sonos group? It'd be awesome if you could clarify this for us.

On another note, we couldn't visualize the video recording you kindly sent us previously. If you want, you can attach the video in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and make it public so we can watch it.


Keep us in the loop!

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I have problems with Spotify connect, i can not see my KEF Lsx speakers to connect. Also Spotify stops a few seconds while playing music. This accured a few weeks ago, i can only use bluetooth on my speakers to connect. Via my wifi, Spotify connect is not working anymore. While my speakers are connected with wifi.

This is a definite problem with Spotify on sonos. Other streaming services like ytmusic or Mixcloud work when Spotify skips or goes silent using sonos. It's got something to do with the Spotify sonos servers. It's basically the same issue sonos Spotify had when crossfade was activated but now it happens regardless of crossfade. If yt music had the same sonos integrated functionality. Id have left Spotify over this months ago. Spotify and sonos will lose clients over this continued issue.

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