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Spotify Connect works over internet?

Spotify Connect works over internet?






iPhone Xs, webplayer, macbook, PC, Onkyo LS5200 Stereo

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iOS, MacOS, Windows 7


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Im using spotify connect on my home stereo. Works great from mij phone of laptop in the same wifi network. 

The thing is, it also works when im not in the same wifi network....

When im outside in a cellulair network using my iPhone, spotify is still connected to my stereo. And yes, i can even controle playback on the stereo back home.... 

Same story when im at work. when om using the webplayer, i can select and use my home stereo as the output device.

is it suppose to work like this? how does my spotify client connect to my stereo? (uPnP?) can't find any documentation about this. the local Spotify support couldn't explain this 'feature'. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Hey @frankeoegema.


Thanks for getting in touch!


It's possible to toggle the 'Show Local Devices Only' setting by going to the Spotify Settings (Devices section). You'll be presented only with devices on your local network 🙂


And that's it! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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