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Spotify Embed do not work on Disord and will not show up when a song is shared.

Spotify Embed do not work on Disord and will not show up when a song is shared.






Samsung A72 and Desktop Windows. (But issue is on Discord)

Operating System

Discord Version: 0.0.309

My Question or Issue

I have had this issue for a while since spotify updated the embeds where on Discord if I put a embed in it will not work and will just leave a blank space where the Embed is ment to be. This has been going on a while now and I am fustrated with this issue. I remember it just started happening after the new embeds were implemnted and then what happened is the embeds were ok for a while, but then just one day they broke were if you posted a new embed it would not show the song at all and it has been annoying.

If a solution can be found that would be a great help.

Thank You!





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I have this same problem. Trying to setup an IFTTT and it posts the link but not the embed. It's a larger message like it tries to load something but there's nothing there.

It appears that the embed has some how broken for users for those who just post the link then.

Hey folks,


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@REDARROW101_A5, @themaddhatter,  in this case, we'd suggest reinstalling the desktop app on your devices. By doing that the app can be up-to-date and you can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can see the steps for a clean reinstall here.

On another note, would you mind clarifying to us what's the browser you're currently using? We'd recommend checking if the browser you're using to open the embed is up-to-date.

If this behavior persists after that, we'd like to gather some additional info. Is the same happening if you create the embed from the web player app? It'd be awesome if you could check. Is this happening no matter what song, album or playlist you choose to embed? If not sure, it's be awesome if you could check this. 

Keep us in the loop!

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united states



Windows 10


I Love sharing music on discord but after i updated my windows today spotify links arent showing the preview box with the link it bothers me, ive already tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still dosent work, i even deleted the app data and everything.


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Discord is a really fun way to connect with friends and we understand that. If you haven't already, try performing a quick clean reinstall of the Spotify app as well. Another thing that comes to mind would be to unlink/relink your Spotify account with Discord to see if that does the trick.


Hope this helps. The Community is always here to help however we can.

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I already tried uninstalling, and the link thing dosent work, guess i just lost my previews or something ive checked settings and everything im at a loss, it happened after i updated to new windows update

Hey @coldslush,


Thanks for your reply.


Can you please send us a screenshot of how things look on your and check if this happens with all types of content (podcast episodes/music tracks/albums/playlists)?



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 I posted links to someone and no embeds showed up to the links. whats going on? 





Are you still having this problem? Embeds are working for me.


What platform were you on when you posted a Spotify link?



I told the person what I sended and she said "I have this too. I linked something, nothing showed up" and uh... 

Did you two attempt to link the same thing? Was it in a DM or in a server?

Server admin have the option of disabling link embeds for users.


Upon further investigation, embeds from hyperlinks are now not working for me either. They were working on Discord yesterday.


If you think I changed any settings, no I did not. It's still standart settings so stuff should show up


Also it worked a bit yesterday but however today it only works when I send 1 link in a message but not when I post more. It should actually work for up to 5 links, however today it only shows up at 1 link

OK embeds don't work at all now. IDK what happend. Anyone has an solution for the problem? Nobody I sended embeds to can see them and its bugging me since IDK whats causing the issue or how to resolve it

Embeds still do not work, or at least not if you send more than 1 link at once


pls someone repair this or tell me how to fix it on your own aaaaaaaaahhh 

only Spotify sometimes the preview works sometimes it dosent

Hello All, 

This issue has been around lately, and its been getting worse with the days passing. 
The amount of songs not displaying preview has been increasing - this looks like a isolated case with discord. 
This is not user side problem, more like the API's are not having their bridge paths cleared to get all the info across :)? 

Attached examples > direct messages, server chat 



Hey anyone of Spotify working on the embeds?


Sometimes it works but most of the time not. If I link for example 5 songs it should work, but most of the time they ain't show up. Why isn't there a fix on this yet? When I saw them working once yesterday I thought it was fixed but apparently no, since the embeds do not show up ... 

Since a few days many people I know can't access Embeds on Discord or better said if a song is linked it often dosn't show up as embed, just the link with no info to the song that you linked. However it only affects Discord 😕 It also dosn't mathers if you link 1 song or 5, it often won't work and a few times might work. IDK whats happening right now. And I'm not the only one with this issue btw. People can't see the embeds themself so its not just an issue on my side. 




I thought the problem was finally solved but today they won't show up again. Pls someone fix this, cause it keeps happening again and IDK what to do 


People can't see the embeds, I can't even see embeds of other users and sometimes it works, but most of the time no. Whats causing this and how to not have this error showing up all the time? 



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