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Spotify Search no longer working on Onkyo CR-N755

Spotify Search no longer working on Onkyo CR-N755



Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the Spotify search function via their Onkyo CR-N755 unit? I noticed it had been a bit hit-and-miss over the last week or so, but doesn't seem to be working at all at the moment.


I can play stuff that I've previously Starred or Created Playlist for, but can't search.


I've tried rebooting everything, uninstalling the app, logging out and back in to Spotify cia the unit, all without luck.


Anyone else?



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Same Issue on my TX-NR509. Search dosent work anymore...Please fix it!

Glad it's not just me! Just remembered I have another onkyo device on a different router and broadband connection. Will try that later.

Also having searching issues with my Logitech Duet

I have same problem on my Maranzt NR1603 receiver. So it doesn't seem to be manufacturer spesific problem.

same problems on Onkyo TX 609 and Rune Audio on RasPi2

Roku Search issue thread mentions Spotify has deprecated their Metadata API, so it's affecting a lot of systems.


Thankfully, I can access Artists, Albums, Tracks and Playlists. Completely unable to search, though. Adding new albums and tracks via similar artists, although, that won't work for new artists  in a lot of cases. 

how long will the issue be there?

I've been speaking to Spotify cares via twitter. They say their engineers are "working on it", but I can't help thinking they're just fobbing me off. If they've deprecated the api that a lot of these systems use, presumably they were aware of the impact it would have. Has anyone else spoken to Spotify about it?

I got Onkyo tech on a call who duplicated it in his lab but seemed to have no prior knowledge of the issue. He promised me a call back when he gets more info...It's on both my Onkyo not just you. I thought I was going nuts for a minute..

I do hope they resolve it. If it is the metadata api that's caused it, I presume it's a fairly major rewrite of the firmware which won't be quick. And if it is that, something has gone wrong either with Spotify's communications to hardware vendors or with vendors not keeping up to date with things. Hopefully Spotify will just re-enable the api for the short term.

Just tried to seach Spotify on my Roku and that's not working either...I bet all of their third party apps are down and I can't imagine how many folks are affected...

Who knows? Can't be good for Spotify's customer relations. Thank God, I've
saved so many artists, albums, and playlists.

Still, it's a bit aggravating.
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A reminder that since the "starred" songs and Playlists do still appear on the Onkyo/Roku whatever apps,, you can save songs on your computer, phone., tablet on Spotify, then access them from your receiver or other no Spotify app. It's not nearly as effortless as using the app, but it'll do until Spotify figures this out. 


Has anyone reported it directly to Spotify?...I would think this would create thousands of calls...

but the offline music from spotify app is not the same as the app for AVR...

I thought this is the official spotify forum?

My onkyo tx 8050 also keeps searching without any results.
Playing songs from a playlist works well

Well I finally got more info out of Spotify. Here's what they said (regarding the Onkyo problem, which seems to be the same as the Roku one):


"After checking this out, it’s likely that this is down to some recent changes in our API. Developers will need to migrate over. There’s some more info on this here: We'd recommend reaching out to Onkyo on this. For now, we'd recommend saving tracks to Your Music, or into playlists to listen on your Onkyo device. We'd also like to offer you a free month of Premium to make up for any confusion. Sound good? /B"


I've told them it's not on - they can't just switch something off which stops paying customers using rhe service and then expecting others to change their software to accomodate them. Complete arrogance.


And of course, Onkyo are impossible to get hold of!  I'm off to cancel my subscription right now!

I'm always a little bit more satisfied when I know its not because of my devices...

Weird how Spotify wants the customer to alert'd think this would be something they would take responsibility for. 

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