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Spotify Squeezebox App is a mess

Spotify Squeezebox App is a mess

Just switched from MOG to Spotify and I like it a lot so far. However, the Spotify Squeezebox app has a lot of problems... is it just me? I do a lot of listening through my Squeezebox Radio, so this is kind of a big deal to me. Here are some of the things I have noticed...


1) When playing playlists that contain some local files, the app will freeze when it gets to a local file (not available on Spotify) instead of just skipping it and going to the next available track. 


2) The list of playlists does not support playlist folders, making it difficult to find what you are looking for if you have a lot of folders. 


3) Not sure what exactly causes this, but a lot of times when I am scrolling through my lists of playlist, and select one, it takes me to a different playlist. Sometimes it is just off by one (meaning I have to select the one above or below the one I actually want)... other times it seems completely random. Very strange and makes the app difficult to use. 


4) Have also had a couple of cases where the Spotify app game me unauthorized errors or froze completely and caused the radio to reboot. 


Anyone else noticed these issues? Any word on if Spotify is working on some updates?

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I highly recommend using Triode's third party Spotify plugin (you'll find it in the Plugins list in the settings on your server) if you run Logitech Media Server with your Squeezebox Radio.  It is much more reliable and actually supports playlist folders.  I have been using it ever since I switched back to Spotify and it has been flawless.


In short: don't use the official plugin. 🙂

Thanks. I wasn't familiar with that but I'll look into it. I guess that requires me to have a PC running all the time, huh?

It would yeah - that's why I said if you run a server for it anyway.  I truly wish Spotify would make the official app work well at all as well.


Lets hope for an official update!

ok, stupid question. i have installed logitech media server on my pc and the triode plugin also... how do i access this stuff from my squeezebox? i don't see an icon for it. 



Allso have problems with spotify-app "Freezing" My squeeze radio.. I have tried with both iOS and android app, Its the same.. I Allso have an windowsphone mango 7.5, but there is no free squeezeapp for That one yet so i cant test.. My problem occours like this: If i scroll thru à playlist and select à song and it starts playing, if i then choose a diffrent song in the same ( or another) playlist the RADIO itself freezes! The app then gets stuck in the middle of the timebar and jiddels there until the radio has rebooted. (by Its own) i have had this problem for Hardy one year, with all the radios firmwares and i have even changed the radio itself but no-go..:( The problem occours on both android and iPhone/ipad, with Any of logitechs firmwares in the radio and server.

Hi, I've got to post complaints about the Spotify app as well. I'm after an easy permanently connected solution (rules out bulky computer and iPad and iPod, especially as I'd like a decent audio connection), so the squeezebox is the obvious solution. The Spotify when it works is great, even more so as I can remotely control via my iPad device. However, when remotely controlling it frequently freezes and then reloads. I'm also in the UK and when searching for songs (connecting via mysqueezebox) it frequently skips and says not available in my region. So I have to build the playlists on my mac, save the playlist. Refresh the squeezebox and then I can play it. The now applet for Spotify is brilliant, but nothing anything remotely like it on the squeezebox app. Again, I have to create on the mac export. This player seems like a poor relation for Spotify. I fully expect the Spotify support to be discontinued shortly as it's clearly low priority.

(Sorry couldn't figure out how to post). I can't even get the app to let me log in to my Spotify account. I log in to Spotify regularly through my Facebook account, don't know if that's the problem. Any suggestions? Thank you.



Don't know if this is a solution but try this:

have enabled Triode but still no luck. any top tips? Logitech point to spotify and spotify point to Logitech. Via the ipad squeezebox app i can get in to spotify, see my music, playlists etc but when i select a song it either skips to another song or holds on the selected song but no sound. New customer to spotify and a huge fan although having once been able to play on music from my squeezebox ipad app remotely and now not having it I'm somewhat frustrated.

hoping someone somewhere can help? 

Do you have a Premium Spotify account? If not, Spotify won't work on a Squeezebox (or Joggler in my instance). Triode's plugin works well running on Logitech Media Server, either on my Joggler or on my Raspberry Pi using Squeezeplug. You have to add your Spotify log-in details in the Triode plugin settings, not just enable it ; I'll assume you've done that but your post just says you enabled it.


Strangely, the plugin can be enabled but also not enabled - i.e. it can be 'ticked' on the list of installed plugins but unless you go into the plugin settings, agree the license terms then add your Spotify user name and password, it won't actually function. And I know I've said it before but it bears reiterating, even if you do those things it won't work without Spotify Premium

DOes this app still work? i cant seem to find it and logitechs version doesnt work

Yes it's still available. You have to visit your Logitech Media Server web page on your PC; this is the IP of the device you have LMS installed on with :9000 at the end, for example (just change the bit before the colon to your actual IP address.) 


On the home page you'll see a small cog wheel icon in the bottom right corner, click on this and you will reach a tabbed settings page. Click on the Plugins tab, scroll to the bottom and tick the box to allow 3rd Party plugins. Choose Triode's Spotify plugin from the list (don't disable the official one - I had problems when I did this). There should be a settings link to the right of the Triode plugin on the list although you might have to restart the server to get this to appear. When you choose the settings link you will be able to agree to the Spotify T&C and enter your user name and password. Spotify should then appear under 'My Apps' on your Squeezebox (or Squeezeplay application if you're not running an actual Squeezebox.)


The Triode Spotify plugin and other 3rd party plugins only work if you run a local server, they won't appear if you are linking to

Yes that is the problem, I had the same issue, you will need to open spotify and hit the forgotten password link. Obviously your Facebook account will not be affected. The app looks for spotify rather than Facebook authentication.

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