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Spotify Webplayer ( wont play tracks

Spotify Webplayer ( wont play tracks

I have been happily using spotify webplayer ( on my Chromebook (ChromeOS) for a few years now.

Unfortunatly when loading this site it redirects to, the user interface looks similar but the play button is blacked out and it seems it is not possible to actually play any music.

Could you please advise on how to remedy this problem, I would like to continue using spotify and not to have to unsubscribe.

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I have the same issue! 


I've been having the same problems

EDIT: Figured out a fix from a different post. I clicked a different track's album cover quickly while hitting F5 to refresh. Eventually the track changed (though it didn't appear to play at first). One more refresh and play made it work.


Wish I could be of some help, but all I can really say is I'm getting the same problem. I can't play any music and haven't been able to for a few days. The only help I can really be is that in the developer console I noticed that POST calls to "" return nothing but a 404 code. I assume that is normally what issues playback/streams the data but apparently nothing can be found.


On Firefox, for reference.

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