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I recently decided to try the new "canvas " feature for one of my songs. The problem is that I don't have the "upload canvas" button when I log in to my Spotify for artists page. I carefully followed all the instructions on the official Spotify for uploading a canvas but without any results. Also, some features in my account are missing. Could you please help me? do you think that my account as an artist is limited????  I think this issue is not related with my distributor (which btw is thrust by Spotify )


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So I had the same Problem, tried to upload my Canvas with the Web Application and the Iphone Artist App. Even contacted the support which said the height limit is 1080px.
Solution: Took my old Samsung Galaxy, installed the Artist app, load my mp4 file from PC to the Device and it worked on the first try. The File size was 1080x1920.

Just download VivaVideo, choose the TikTok canvas 9:16, choose fill option for image. Make sure it’s 8 sec exactly & save it as HD you’ll be fine just did it


Our requirement is as follows:
Fans submit image or video content, which is used to populate a constantly evolving Spotify Canvas. This would need a mechanic built (likely via a microsite) to access the Spotify API and upload every hour, for example.  

Is this even possible within the Spotify API? How can I bring the images or content from the site over to Spotify to make a canvas?

Any manual steps outside approving content submissions would be far too time-consuming. Kindly confirm how can I accomplish this?

Thank you!

Yes i used the app and it finally worked.. Desktop did not on Windows 10 pro 

People are literally describing the problem they have in detail, and then you're sending them off to the faq that doesn't have answers and stamping it with a smiling emoji. 🙂


Have a great day! 🙂

Same problem there is no canva in my spotify

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