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Spotify not recognizing Bluetooth headphones

Spotify not recognizing Bluetooth headphones

I’m having the same issue both on my Soundcore Liberty 4NC headphones and my car with the regular Bluetooth. It shows that I am playing music to the headphones and car ( both on the phone and watch showing it’s playing and connected). The volume I’ve adjusted but still nothing. 

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Hey @Mixmaster_D,


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We hope you don't mind us moving your post, as it fits better here on this board.


In this case, we'd suggest you start off by performing a clean reinstall of the app on the affected device, to see if you notice any difference. By doing that, the app can be up-to-date, and you can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can see the steps for a clean reinstall here.


If the above doesn't do the trick, we'd like to gather some additional info. Would you mind sending us the make/model and OS of the affected device along with the Spotify version you're running there?


Lastly, and just to confirm, is this happening if you connect a different device to both your car and your headphones? It'd be awesome if you could check. You can ask for the mobile device of a relative or a friend to open your account there, connect it to your Bluetooth devices, and check.


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