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Spotify not working with LG Soundbar

Spotify not working with LG Soundbar







LG SK8 (Built in Chromecast)

Operating System

Android, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I'm having trouble since a week, I literally can't cast Spotify to my soundbar from ANY device. I have tried with my laptop, Desktop PC and several smartphones. 
The soundbar works fine. I can cast my phone's audio with other apps. 

I can see the soundbar listed in my network devices. When I choose to cast spotify to the built in Chromecast, it keeps attempting to connect, but it never endes. The same happens using smartphones and PC. 

I have read many people complaining about the same issue. It's not fixed yet. 
 Already updated soundbar firmware, and cellphone spotify app (unistalled and clean installed).

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We've taken this up with the team at LG as it's related to the particular devices and how they are set up to function. Because of this it's not something we can influence.

We recommend that you, if your setup allows it, change the digital sound out setting on your devices from Auto or Pass Through to another one. Improvements have also already been put into place and the firmware of some models has been updated to remedy this.


So make sure to update your firmware to the latest version available and if the issue persists - reach out to the Customer Support team of LG. You can contact them here.


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i'm having the same problem with my LG SK9Y

The same issue since last week and nothing helped 😞

I have same issue. I can not connect from my mobile to chromecast via spotify application to my lg sk8 soundbar or philips tv (when native app is not installed on tv). I see only "connecting" status without success. This is not only my problem, my wife using other device has the same situation. Chromecast work perfect because youtube music connect and stream music immediately.


Problem with spotify mobile app occured around week ago.







Operating System



My Question or Issue

For a few weeks now, we've not been able to cast audio from spotify directly to our LG soundbar (LG SL7Y) , nor ask Google Home devices to play\cast on same soundbar.  We used to be able to do this fine. 


When i checked the forums at the same time this stopped working, there was a lot of threads about casting being broken for devices, and thought this was the same issue.  Checking now, i see those threads are marked as fixed but the issue still remains for the LG sound bar with Chromecast Built-in.  When you try and cast, "SPOTIFY" flashes up for a second, then disappears and ultimately nothing gets played. 


All other apps\services cast fine to this same LG soundbar (amazon, youtube music, DLNA etc).  Only spotify does not work.  I did try to reset soundbar and update to latest spotify - no dice.


I have the exact same issue with my LG SK9Y soundbar!!

Was working fine until a week or two ago.

Everything else will cast fine to the soundbar EXCEPT Spotify.

Have tried casting Spotify on multiple devices, resetting soundbar, resetting wifi, reinstalling apps etc etc etc. All to no avail!

This clearly appears to be a Spotify issue.

Same here, I had a really long discussion with Spotify support and did all the steps they asked me to do and more (changed google home settings, reinstalled everything, checked router, checked and updated firmware on all devices, tried different devices, even sent them a video) . But, the issue seems to be on Spotify as everything else works just fine.


Could you please fix this guys? It works with other apps so it should work using Spotify.

Installed app still the same problem


Same problem for LG SK9Y and only for Spotify.

Have you guys figured out how to resolve this?


I've the same issue too. Can't seem to get it working. I can cast audio directly from my phone to the soundbar but I can't seem to get it to work on wifi.

Is posting here the best way to ask for support? Clearly a few of us with the issue, happy to raise a ticket if I knew how.

I'm in the exact same boat. LG SK9Y, Spotify stopped casting a couple weeks ago. I can cast VLC and other apps just fine but Spotify from my Android phone or my Google Home fails completely to connect.
Have tried uninstalling Spotify, resetting router, devices, factory resetting soundbar, tried the DST time fix to no avail.
It's a Spotify issue.

I'm having the same issue with my LG Soundbar SK6F. TuneIn works fine but spotify is failing. 

Same for me - I have LG SK10Y

I've DM'd the Spotify Support twitter acc. to ask about raising tickets or promoting this to "ongoing issue"...

Same problem here with LG SK8. Yesterdays app update did't help.

Checked with Android & iPhone. Only workaround is to use Google Home's mirror audio function.


So, is it gonna be fixed or are we ending our relationship (2accounts)?



I have the same issue with my Vizio soundbar.

Can't cast to it from the Spotify app, have to use the Google Home app to cast my phone's audio to my soundbar.


Play Music and YouTube Music casts just fine. Definitely a Spotify issue.

Same problem - LG SK8. The soundbar is visible in available devices but it can't connect. When clicking on the soundbar in Spotify on PC/Android, the soundbar displays "Spotify" for a second, but the icon just spins and eventually stops connecting. Tested other apps like VLC and it works fine.

I have the same problem with LG SK6F soundbar, since a week or so.

All other apps cast fine on the same soundbar.

Indeed. Worked for quite some time, until now 😞

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