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Spotify on PS4 totally useless

Spotify on PS4 totally useless

Hello everybody! 


I don't think there is a solution for my problem, but I'll give it a try. 

I've already searched the internet for hours and tried like 10 different methods.


I can hear every song on Spotify on my smartphone, tablet and laptop. But it won't play songs on my Playstation 4. 

Everytime I hit play it keeps jumping to the next song. And that song won't play either. 

Made a short video of how it looks like: 


If anyone got the same problem, or has a solution for this, please let me know. 



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It is utterly useless!! I have Pioneer VSX - 528 which is wired to PS4, 5 high quality speaker, and it just doesn't play songs at all, if you keep trying pressing play all the time x20 times MAYBE it will decide to play ONE song. This is a disgrace

This happened when a bunch of my White Stripes music stopped playing. It seems the reason you can still see it is because it was part of a playlist, just no longer available in general. Like you said there is no solution. I removed a saved album that wasn't working, and tried to add it again, but it did not show up in any searches. It's just gone.

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