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Spotify refuses to pick up playlist on Xbox One app

Spotify refuses to pick up playlist on Xbox One app


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The Xbox One app is, frankly, awful. First up, I can't sort my playlists. This means I'm stuck MANUALLY SCROLLING THROUGH THEM if I want to find a song, which is not convenient when trying to play a game or whatever. So obvious answer: open on another device and just change to "playing on Xbox One",  then control from my phone or laptop. Except that doesn't work. Those two both pick each other up fine and I can seamlessly toggle playback through them, but selecting the Xbox usually only makes it say "connecting" for about ten seconds before it gives up and playback continues on whatever device is open. If you open a playlist on the Xbox it will show the currently playing track on other devices correctly but trying to choose a different one has no effect - clicking on it does nothing (though right clicking and adding to queue will make it the next track). Removing and then downloading the app again seems to fix this short-term but it returns in about a week. And this still doesn't explain why I can't sort playlists by track or artist...


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