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Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Stream Keeps Cutting Out

I had been using the free version of Spotify and noticed that the stream kept getting interrupted (pausing). At first you'd assume a bandwidth issue my end. Unlikely as I am in a City and have a consistent 10mb connection.


Anyway to be sure I tried a well known UK competitor beginning with D and there was no issue streaming from them.


Must be the free service? So I upgraded to unlimited, still getting an interrupted stream!


I followed the uninstall and cache clearing procedure, the reinstalled and still no joy.


Currently I have a Spotify account that is unlistenable (if that is such a word) and I am having to use D(UK) in the meantime.



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I have a dedicated leased line coming into my office which I can assure you is not throttled, hence the £800 per month we pay for it.   How can this same problem be happening with this type of line?

Hi all

I have been addicted to Spotify for ages now, but over the past two weeks I have suffered the same drop outs everyone else is experiencing in this thread.

I too believe it is a problem with Spotify. Its only started to happen recently and its not a problem with my internet connection (with Virgin) as I am amongst other things able to stream from Classics Online with no problem at all.

Spotify need to acknowledge this and fix it quick.

I have done everything they suggested I do to no avail like many other customers here.

I am paying £9.99 for what up until 2 weeks ago was a brilliant service. However at the moment it is becoming increasingly frustrating and if the problem is not rectified soon will have to quit.

Oh it's just dropped out again.

Spotify has run on my Mac almost without problems in a couple of days, but this evening the problem is back again. But this time even worse than before. The music pauses constantly, and when searching for music on Spotify, I do not get any response from the program most of the time.

I have the same problem and I'm in Finland. I can't even listen to a single song without the stream cutting out every few seconds. Would really appreciate a solution to this problem as I wouldn't want to have to cancel my subscription.

Hi all

Latest reply from spotify just suggests that I contact my ISP provider to "see if they are throttling peer to peer".

Can't see that this is the problem as I use Classics Online and stream from them with no problem whatsoever.

Interesting to note that ti is not just happening in the UK as well.

Here we go again! 😞 You know if an online streaming service can't stream it really is pretty much useless - no? I have had months of error free streaming (apart from the odd glitch would could easily be wireless) so I got rid of my offline status for all playlists (I was over the 3,333 limit anyway!) and w week later this stuttering happens again! It's not throttling as I still have Little Snitch installed from the last BT throttling fiasco and when brought into action again it makes no difference. Its also not wireless or network issues as the actual timebar pointer simply stops, the music starts again when the timer starts - so somewhere at the Spotify end of things nothing is being sent and nothing is arriving - or the software client has broken?


I am now listening to a playlist I was having problems with offline - no problems at all.


Have a root around Spotify and drop some info in here please....


PS. I have rebooted Mac and Spotify.

Hi all

Just to confirm

I contacted my ISP (Virgin) and their reply was:


 We do not have anything in place to throttle p2p services or to cap anything.


So there we have it.

Come on Spotify sort this out.

If throttle is the problem, why does it not occure all the time, but only now and then????????? If throttle is the problem, why is it a new problem (during the last 2 weeks)????????

My ISP is SydEnergi (Denmark)

Hi all

Here is my latest reply from Spotify. God help me!

Hi Clive,
Thanks for your patience. I'm very sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues.
I appreciate that Classics Online is streaming okay, however it seems we use different technology to stream our music, so I need to locate the root cause of the problem that is affecting the Spotify application to not run correctly.
In order for me to do this, I need you to provide the following information:
Are you using any third party spotify apps i.e Remotes? Are you running any cache clearing or internet security apps? Are you running DSBridge sound? Have you disabled the "Hardware Accelerator" in your Spotify client through the preferences option?
When did the issue occur and were there any changes to anything relevant around the same time? Does the problem occur at certain times of the day or in certain conditions? Are you receiving any warning messages?
Have you got Adobe Flash player 10.1?
Can you try going to and change your password, then log back into your device using your username b8sso (not your email address) and new password.
Then see if the problem persists.
Please advise me on your outcome.
Kind Regards,
Spotify Customer Support





What operating system are you on? I tried Spotify on my girlfriend's macbook pro running Snow Leopard and it works without any problems but on my macbook running Leopard the problem persists. I think it's quite unfortunate if Spotify doesn't run properly under Leopard anymore as I have no plans on upgrading the operating system on my mid-2007 macbook.

**bleep**. After a clean spell earlier today, it's cutting out again. Never playing for longer than one minute without a break. 




Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Virgin 30Mb


Spotify Premium

No Spotify apps

No cache clearing apps

No security apps

Flash Player:


 snd:488 command (in Consle) seems to show latency at song startup. Sometimes it runs as high as 19663ms



Is everyone that's having this issue with Virgin?



This thread has users in Netherlands, Finland, Denmark as well as others with Leased Lines. So, no.


I believe this thread has users experiencing something similar on iOS devices .

We'll try and keep all these threads updated where we can. So far - We've reached out to Virgin and are working alongside them to try and pinpoint why these issues are happening, and we'll try and reach out to other providers in due time if needed.

Airhorn Enthusiast

I think Spotify should stop charging premium users for this service until uninterrupted service can be delivered

I use a

Macbook(some Playlist synced)

iMac  (some playlist synced) 

iPad  (all my Playlist synced)

iPhone (some playlist synced)

I'm a spotify premium user for 3 months now 

But a few weeks ago, I have the same drop-and-play-problem.

The problems occur more frequently on the ios devices than on desktops.
My provider is not the problem; ziggo (Dutch provider 50mbit down 5 up) what can I do and has anyone been able to solve the problem himself by example to try.



I have Spotify on iOS and TiVo and an iMac. All are experiencing breakup very badly. How long has this been going on! I have the premium service. We should get a refund!

I can confirm not throttling this end, BT are behaving themselves where Spotify are concerned! The progress bar just stops and music stops - starts again when the progress bar starts. I feel this is a bottle neck at Spotify end of things as it is classic stuttering and stopping - can I urge the moderators to escalate this issue with the developers please?


I have Little Snitch watching behavior and Spotify is quite happily asking for data but a big wait between tracks, around 5 to 8 requests rapidly to, obviously not getting any for ages then the music starts. I am sure we will have a satisfactory solution soon - just shows how indispensable Spotify has become, certainly in my life!

I agree.

It got even worse last night and stopped playing for minutes at a time. I just gave up.

Sometimes if it stops and I click on the time bar back a few seconds it starts again and carries on past the point where it stops, but then of course usually halts again at a later point.


Clive (b8sso)

Has anyone come across a logger (OSX 10.6.8) that I can use to track this audio stream. I want to leave the stream running and get a record of when it stops playing. doesn't seem to record audio pauses.

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