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Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Stream Keeps Cutting Out

I had been using the free version of Spotify and noticed that the stream kept getting interrupted (pausing). At first you'd assume a bandwidth issue my end. Unlikely as I am in a City and have a consistent 10mb connection.


Anyway to be sure I tried a well known UK competitor beginning with D and there was no issue streaming from them.


Must be the free service? So I upgraded to unlimited, still getting an interrupted stream!


I followed the uninstall and cache clearing procedure, the reinstalled and still no joy.


Currently I have a Spotify account that is unlistenable (if that is such a word) and I am having to use D(UK) in the meantime.



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Ok, part success.  I have installed Windows 7 on my bootcamp partition and I am running it from within vmware.  Spotify now works fine.


I can therefore conclude that it is not a problem with my internet connection.  It seems to either be a problem with the mac version of Spotify or there is something on my mac which is interfering with the stream or app.  What it is, I am not sure of yet as my macbook is brand new and I havent installed any firewall/little snitch type apps.


I'll keep investigating and keep you posted.



Has started stopping again within Windows as well.


Back to the drawing board!!

Today for me it's got much worse

yes it's hopeless.

Gets worse as the day goes on.

Had enough.

Sent loads of info to spotify as requested, but no reply now for 2 days.

Give up.

Constant drops in the stream here too, been going on for weeks. Every song hangs at various points during playback. Premium user, Spotify Mac desktop version, 50mb fibre optic conneciton, London UK.


Last time I reported this support suggested reinstalling Spotify (Is it plugged in and switched on? Have you tried switching it off and on again?) which of course did nothing.


Getting really frustrated with it.



Just to keep you guys updated, it doesn't look like this is a problem with a particular ISP or country. So we're looking into this further for anything that might be causing issues with streaming. 


Hopefully it's just a loose screw somewhere that we can get tightened, so things will be working again soon. Thanks for your patience while this is sorted.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Hi Richard

Thanks for the update.

Fingers crossed.

As I said in a previous post, sometimes if I click on the time scroller at the bottom back a few seconds it restarts, or if I go back a track it restarts, but obviously that isn't a fix as it stops again at some other point. I have to say it does seem to get worse as the day goes on and becomes virtually unplayable on an evening.


Clive (b8sso)

Didn't the Spotify streaming issues start at the same time as the Spotify Ipad app launch?


Maybe this isn't a coincidence

@markthedrummer0 wrote:

Didn't the Spotify streaming issues start at the same time as the Spotify Ipad app launch?

I'd say that it is just a coincidence. Us releasing a new mobile app shoudn't really have anything to do with streaming. Unless it put a particularly heavy load on one of the servers or something. Too many variables to say for sure.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Here's the deal. I just cancelled my premium account. I'm no longer paying for a non working service

We non mac users have been directed across to here to monitor progress (sic) with this problem. You might like to check out the huge thread on the iOS forum. I think you will all recognise a familiar tone of posting!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for keeping us up to date on (some) progress. I just wanted to point out that you shouldn't dismiss a causal relation between the ipad app release and this issue outright. I for one upgraded to premium because of its release, and have been streaming MUCH more and at 320 kbps since. I'm no specialist, but reading these forum threads it just feels like a server overload. Cutting out on my end barely happens at off hours (like in the morning NL time), and very often at peak hours.

Interestingly, yesterday evening streamig became unbearable again, so i took a playlist with 100 files offline to ipad at extreme quality, and it took my 50 mbps ziggo line a matter of minutes to sync... So that doesn't seem to be the bottle neck?

Hope these kind of snippits of info help to solve this.


Yeah, this is atrocious. I'm going to be cancelling my Prem too if it isn't sorted out in the next few days - but given that the cause doesn't even seem to have been identified yet I doubt it will be. For the record, I'm on Virgin with a 30MB line and I get the problem with my Windows desktop Spotify. I can't remember the last time it managed to stream more than 8 seconds without stuttering. Right now its just stalled halfway through a song, and has been for the last 5 minutes. I'm going to spend a few days looking at alternative streaming services, and once I've settled on one I'll be leaving this behind if it hasn't been fixed.

I started getting this problem on my ipod (ios4.2) a couple of weeks ago, but the desktop version (windows xp) was absolutely fine until a few days ago, now it is as bad as the ios. Seemed to happen after an automatic update of the Windows app the other day (thursday I think).


A workaround is to offline the playlist then go into offline mode tp play, but its a pain as offlining takes a while unless the tracks are in the cache.

Mine seems to have recovered. Just tried a few tracks and they played right through without interruption.

Mine hasn't. Like others it's been good in the daytime but bad early evening

Not a problem tonight, haven't had much chance to listen for a couple of days but seems ok now?

Hi all, I am having this problem too - though using Sonos. Did anyone get resolution?


Also, does anyone know how to contact Spotify Support please? 


Hate paying so much for Spotify Premium and not being able to use it!

Same same same here.  I'll get a minute into a song (sometimes not even that long) and Spotify skips to the next song in queue.  If I pause it, go back to the song, and click on it again, the song seems to stream fine.  I'm using a cable modem via Comcast, connecting with OSX Lion, and have never had problems like this with Spotify since using it.  I've been recommending this service to my friends and family, but if this is a continuous problem, that may need to change.  


Thanks for your attention to this matter, Moderators.

I am having exactly the same issues as listed here - long pause when starting up a track, plays a few seconds then pauses, plays another few seconds and does the same again. This behaviour happens regularly (but intermittently) across a windows 7 PC, a macbook running OSX leopard and iphone 4S on ios 5.1. I am on a 100Mb Virgin line, have called and got confirmation that they are not traffic managing my account. I am using a wireless connection, so to rule that out I connected my machine to the router with a cable, and the problem persisted. If it's not my network, it's not the ISP and it's not one machine type, then it HAS to be the Spotify service.


I have had many months of near-perfect Spotify - instant startup, uninterrupted streaming and fast search response. In the last 3 weeks or so all have been well below acceptable standard. I will have to reconsider my premium account if this is not diagnosed and fixed soon (along with the Mac client on Leopard issues with artwork etc.).

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