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 My question/issue is that spotify isn't compatible with the subaru cars, espeically the news one. I have 2015 subaru legacy and if I use spotify the first song I listen to shows up on the display but if i change the song it doesnt change on the subaru display. And this isnt a subaru problem because youtube, google music, apple music, samsung music app (the one that comes with the phone from samsung app store), and soundcloud do not have these problems when you test those apps. We have a family plan but if we have to look down at your phones to see what song is playing while we drive, we might change providers. Please help us Subaru drivers. They feel the same way. 

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Exact same issue; 2015 Impreza. I'll probably entertain Apple Music as I always drive with music playing and the lack of metadata updates after the first song is enough to drive me away (no pun intended).



I have been in touch with Subaru.  They performed a software update to my entertainment system in my 2015 Impreza since it’s having the same issue with tracks not displaying as I advance them in my car.  Subaru pointed to Spotify that the issue is the Spotify app.  Not my car or my iPhone 8+.  Fingers are being pointed back and forth.  I just want a solution.  HELP !,

Hey there @brarr91, @JasonMCG and @Sanmartino


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