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Sync Spotify liked songs with loved Tracks

Sync Spotify liked songs with loved Tracks

Hey, everyone!  For a long time I tried to find such way of sync. And there was an old feature request about that, which was closed as "not enough votes"


So I made small sync tool for it by myself. If you've ever struggled with liking songs twice (once on Spotify then on Lastfm) then here is solution


Hope you will enjoy it!


It also can make a playlists from you listenings history and adjust them filtering tracks by their vibes

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That's pretty cool, I was just thinking about this and here you are having just posted not even a week ago. I'll have to check this out sometime.

hope, you will like it  like other 33 active users do 🙂

It's been a while but I still haven't taken the time to check this out till now. Before I do though, is there privacy policy somewhere, or at least an open source repo I could check out?

Does this work with a user's backlog? For instance, the 800+ liked songs I already have on Spotify will eventually transfer over to Or is it just for songs I like on Spotify after signing up for the app?

all you historical likes wil lbe synced first time (all you billions of favs, yes). So it is fully retroactive sync

I've not written any privacy policy for it yet. And have no public repository, but the stuff which service got acces to is shown on Spotify authorization popup and on Lastfm authorization popup.


I think to write the correct wall of legal text will be much more difficult than to make this service

Thank you so much for this. Since I use my phone to run Spotify alot I don't get to love on Spotify as often last year my loved tracks on was only 16!!!

thank you for using it, big pleasure to know it works 🙂

This is just what i was looking for. Thanks for providing it to us as free. Just a small recommendation though. The website doesn't seem to have any security in it. If you figure that out, I think lots of users are happily use your service.
Huge thanks,again.

I've been using it for a few months and it works, thanks!

One thing: is it just me or it logs out of Spotify every xx days, so I have to re-enable synchronization? Has anyone else experienced that? 


Incredible!  Thank you very much!

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Does it support unliking songs? Spotify has/had an annoying feature that when you downloaded an album to offline then it liked all the songs in them. I unliked them on Spotify but they are still marked as loved tracks on

hi there. currently it is not supported: such kind of sync will require to sync whole your spotify liked songs to find out if something already "unliked". And this will slow down the sync for member dramatically.


so theoretically it is possible. But untill spotify provides event of "unlike" it is overhead to track what was unliked


anyway, all feature requests are noted and someday I will implement it and let you know

Awesome idea. Just checked my account and saw that I don't have any loved songs since June. Glad that you are on the case. I'll let you know how my sync goes (I'll have hundreds of loved tracks just this year as I listen to new music every week if not every day – can't understand those people who complain that there is no good new music and listen to the same music for years). BTW, our match is considered super – I also listen to Luna and Monetchka.


Спасибо большой для рождественний подарок!

Hello everyone! Not sure If someone will get update by this thread reply but lets try:


few days ago I fixed a lot of things which improved stability and speed of synchronization. As far as I see a lot of users who had never got synchronization before have got their likes already. Even the users with 10k saved songs on Spotify!


A lot of improvements ahead so you could subscribe on Telegram channel to be in touch.

Also you could check the site from time to time to get news (if Telegram is not the way for you)


What is in the plan:

1.  lastfm.lovedTracks => spotify saved songs (all and custom segments)

2. lastfm.lovedTracks => spotify playlists (all and custom segments)  to build more beautiful Spotify recommendations based on your entire history of lastfm

3. "unlike" songs feature for the case of the user mentioned above in the thread

How about making Spotify liked songs loved songs?

Hey @Crazychemist


Thanks for posting on the Community about this. 

For now it's not possible to sync your loved songs on Last.Fm with your Liked Songs on Spotify. However, we encourage you to post your suggestion on our Ideas Board. This will allow other users to +VOTE for your idea and Subscribe for the thread to stay up-to-date with any relevant updates about it. It’s also worth knowing that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented. 


We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. Here you can read more on how ideas work. Check out this page for tips on how to submit an idea. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.  =>       is already working in the spotifysy service from the first message in the thread =>  in the nearest plans for the same service as an additional option

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