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The Spotify App on my Android Smartphone doesn't see anymore my Pioneer X-C66

The Spotify App on my Android Smartphone doesn't see anymore my Pioneer X-C66

Since around 2-3 weeks ago, the Spotify App on my Android Smartphone doesn't see anymore my Pioneer X-C66 at all...


I bought my Pioneer X-C66 device around 2 months ago and Spotify doesn't work well with it at 1st, and not at all now.
Primarily I use it for "Connect to Spotify" = I start the music from my
Smartphone, but then the Hifi device streams the music directly from its
own internet connection (not draining my smartphone battery, as it would
with Bluetooth broadcast). My 2 problems are the following :

a) It works a couple of days, but suddenly, on my Smartphone, I can only
play locally on the smartphone, the CM66 doesn't appear anymore on the
available devices list to connect to 😕  like once per week... I was able
to restore connectivity by rebooting CM66, mobile phone and router ... no
idea what helped... but now, for maybe 20 days, no more contact, I rebooted all
many times, and I can't get connection anymore... Only Bluetooth is OK ...
Still, CM66 has wired connection with IP and smartphone wifi
IP, so same local network... and both reply to ping from my
computer on same network... How can I restore connectivity??? In the App, I
go in Parameter, "Connect to a device"... but the list is empty 😕


b) While it was working, there was some days not a smooth transition
between songs... like when next song started, it played 1 second, then 5
second silence, then it went on...

c) Sometimes when I clicked next on the App, or pause, or play... nothing
happened on the CM66 device.. even after 1 minute, retries, etc...

Additional info:
- smartphone is Sony Xperia Z5 compact, with Android 7, latest Spotify
- X CM-66 is serial # PHET000775YY (MFD August 2017)  and has up-to-date
software version (it says so when I request update) : EU_CD : 41D PB2523
my X-C66 device bought around 2 months ago doesn't work well...

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BTW, I forgot to mention that I did contact Pioneer and they indicated me that it's a known issue on Spotify side and that they wait for you to fix it; they can't do anything on their side.

Any news regarding this issue? I have the same problem with iOS app and X-C66D

Hi... no news, no... Spotify doesn't provide any kind of support service to users... they just cash in the monthly fee...

... it's clearly a Spotify side bug, because now I installed Spotify on my laptop (Windows), and when my Smartphone doesn't see the Pioneer, I start the laptop App, and usually it sees the Pioneer and I can start the music...  But sometimes the Laptop doesn't see the Mobile ... or Mobile doesn't see the laptop (as each of the 3 (laptop, mobile, pioneer) is a possible music output) --> Spotify problem, not Pioneer !


Other hint about Spotify issue : sometimes I start Pioneer and it continues playing where I turned it off... so it DOES have contact with spotify, but is still not visible to other devices...


Beside using many devices, until it works, the hard option is to remove Power plug from Pioneer, wait 30 secondes, plug again, start the radio, on Spotify part, and wait 1 minute... often it is detected again...  If you have other hints, let me know...

Thanks for explanation. It’s exactly the same on my side. At least this cable solution works. 


I also think it’s a matter of software / drivers in the Pioneer device. But... no one will respond, it’s too small issue for them 😕

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