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Volvo Sensus app not downloading


Volvo Sensus app not downloading







Volvo XC90

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I used to have Spotify on my Volvo, the app requested for an update, after the update the app icon disappeared. I tried to download the app again but once the installation starts it gets interrupted and I receive a pop up that the error has been sent. On the new apps tab page of Sensus, by pressing the arrow below Spotify to show additional information the size of Spotify is shown as 0.0 MB. All the other apps depict a size on the same screen. 

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I tried connecting over WiFi, makes no difference.S

It seems to me the problem is that you can't log in to Spotify correctly. I reinstalled the app and tried the normal login instead of the pairing-option, and then you get the endless spinner on the login screen. I can check this later if I find the time to hook up my car to a Wifi-proxy and sniffing the network traffic.


This seems genuinely broken and a problem that originated more with Volvo than with Spotify.

I spoke to spotify yesterday and they escalated it to their executive team, this is the reposnse I've had;



Spotify Support here. We just wanted to quickly follow-up on our previous mail.

Actually, it looks like the correct version of the Spotify app is being pushed out as we speak. Please make sure to double-check in the next 24-48 hours and let us know how it goes 🙂


I've checked this morning and the app still isnt there to download but hopefully the solution is immenant. 

I finished all pending map updates, needed or not, with an USB stick with the all the maps on. So no map update is required in the moment.

But still no Spotify App on "New Apps".

I deinstalled another app (Park and Pay), and this one showed up some minutes later in the "New Apps" on the Download Center.

But Spotify remains gone!

No other idea what to try next!

Still no sign of spotify....

I've replied to their email as its been 48 hours and as you say there is still no sign. This is very frustrating!

Still nothing. I've got the app installed but it doesnt load at all. 

Shouldn't spotify be pushing this more since it requires a paid premium subscribtion and it is damaging their customers too?

A simple app that doesn't work makes me feel like burning up the car!

Hi Everyone, I've had another update from the Spotify support team;

Thanks for getting back to us. 

We've double-checked and it looks like this update is being pushed back by Volvo. We can't say for sure when you will be able to find the app, but we hope this will be fixed soon. 

You can also reach back to Volvo Support for further details and questions. 

We're here if you have any other questions, just let us know 🙂 


So it looks like Spotify are saying that this is a Volvo problem! I'm going to contact Volvo customer support today, I'd emplore everyone on this thread to do the same as the more collective pressure we put on Volvo and SPotify, the more likley they are to hurry up with a solution.



I have contacted the Volvo support here in Germany already twice, but the only answer you get is: "please contact your local dealer".

The local dealer has of course no idea what to do!

Maybe this is different in other countries, but in Germany volvo is not willing to help!

Same problem here. The local dealer says that they haven't heard about this problem and cant do anything!!

In my experience local dealers know next to nothing about these kinds of problems. Brakes, tires etc. fine, but as soon as it gets technological, the customer usually knows more than the dealer. Since the app is distributed directly from Volvo to customers, I guess we'll have to wait until the technical guys at Volvo wake up...

Fair enough, I've emailed *snip* I will update this thread when I recieve a response which to be fair to them was quite speedy last time.

My dealer in the Netherlands made up a “technical report” which was sent to Volvo (NL, and presumably Sweden) for resolution if the issue. However before I received their feedback, my problem solved with the fixed Spitify app installing OK.

Is the app working? It's still not there on my 'new apps' page.

No, it is not working for me.,,

It has been working for me since someone first posted that the install was
working again.

Weird that some people have it, I wonder if its location based as the other guy said Netherlands, I'm in the UK

I've always been able to download the app but never got it to work. 

Is anyone else stuck with the app not loading in after logging in?

2019 Volvo XC40 - My app is installed and I have logged in numerous times (both PIN based and username/password based).  It then gets stuck on the screen with the spinning load animation with all buttons on the left of the app being greyed out.  This is beyond frustrating.

Its very frustrating, since the app is gone for almost 3 weeks now and nor the Spotify, nor Volvo know what to do. 

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