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Why is it that everything in Spotify keeps getting more and more broken?



I have 120gigabites of MY music on an SSD via USB 3.0 with 400MB/s write and read speed, but everytime Spotify tries to fetch a song it either stops for 15 seconds, plays 2 seconds of the song in a loop, freezes and wont respond, or starts playing AFTER I kill the task somehow???!?!?! 


I cannot get this program to respond....ever. At this point I am not even bothering with the Community Music since my artists keep disappearing or jumping ship.


Even the Mobile application does the skipping for 15 seconds. No other player I use has this issue. Spotify is using 500mb of 24gb, so I KNOW it is not out of memory. 


So I say again


WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Every update since 2013 as made something worse and almost none of any of our issues are getting fixed, just made worse. I feel like I am part of a Psychological experement to see how far someone can be pushed till they get angry and cancel the service. When I signed up in 2012 the service was AWESOME, and bug free. iOS, Android, PC, Web Browser, ZERO ISSUES, but now I am lucky if I can get through 5 songs without it pegging my PC and forcing me to kill the task(all 3 of them), the crash service task, and the task tree everytime. 


I can't be the only angry person here, so I hope everyone rallies before this post gets deleted because of embarassment.

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