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[WP 7.5] Cannot open Marketplace

[WP 7.5] Cannot open Marketplace


I would like to try the 30-days-test-version of Premium Spotify. But my HTC HD2 crap phone doesn´t open the Marketplace. It crashes during the windows-live-logIn. Is there  chance to download a cab-file or something on the computer?

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Just clean your phone eg. use hard reset option in settings. It should work.


Oh wait, before this try open link with Internet browser in your phone:

puuh, hard reset means to put it back to factory settings doesn´t it?? Arg!!!

Yes. After hard reset you need to re-add apps and settings to your phone.


But there is no other way to fix this Windows Phone OS related problem.

Okay, thanks! So I´m gonna hard reset... 😛

Okay, i did a hard reset... problem is still there. Now it claims it can´t open a connection for windows mobile... I will just let it be. My next is definitely not gonna be a windows phone.... 😛


According to Microsoft, the Marketplace for Windows Phone 6.5 has sadly been shut down, so it's not possible to get apps from there anymore.

Airhorn Enthusiast

And is it possible to get the app without using marketplace, like a cab-file or so?

David, why you advertise old Windows Mobile phones, when Marketplace is died?


No Spotify, so why you advertise those.

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