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[WP8] distortion on offline tracks

[WP8] distortion on offline tracks

I have htc 8s and experiencing very noticeable distortion when playing downloaded tracks, particularly when phone is locked and towards the end of an album (but sometimes throughout). Sounds like static or kind of ticking. Can this be resolved?
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Does disabling any equalisers, including beats audio make a difference?

No, beats is the only filter or eq i have. Turning it off just makes everything, including the distortion, much quieter. J

<grin> I wonder if the cache is corrupted - have you tried reinstalling the app?

Reinstalled and that didn't work either. I have however identified that the distortion will not occur if i put my phone in 'flight mode' i.e. telephony & data services disabled, but obviously that's not a workable long-term solution - it needs to be a phone first and foremost.

Are you listening to music through the phones speakers, or are you using cabled or bluetooth headphones?

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