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Web API How Do I Pass Access Token to Front-End?

Web API How Do I Pass Access Token to Front-End?

Hi, So I just finished the tutorial for the web API and I got it to work. I then set out building the front-end and I got that part to work too but then realized that my access token expired since I set up the front-end with the hour long access token accidently. So I have the back end generating access tokens and refresh tokens and I want to be using that token for the front end but it's not working. How would I go about doing this so that after I finish the tutorial I can just pass the token to the front-end and use only the front end to do all the lookups on the API and whatnot?

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Hey @Dyrisk, help's here. 


We recommend reaching out to the folks over here instead. Or, if you'd prefer you can tweet them at @SpotifyPlatform. They should be able to help you further.


All the best!


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