[Web Player][Playlists] New logic for New playlist

[Web Player][Playlists] New logic for New playlist

According as new user I've try to create new playlist. First of all I add more than 300 likes to different songs with different genres. Next I'm going to create New playlist with russian values in name: "Новый плейлист" (which mean New playlist in English) And algorithm suggested songs that were never searched in the program like Элджей, Мот, Грибы. (Main genres for all 300 songs is American/English Rock, Alternative, Metal) So I delete that playlist.

Next I've create playlist with value "New playlist" and suggestions was a lot of nonames but it's English content, Probably Ok.

Next step I've create playlist with Ukrainian naming "Перший список" (First list in Ukrainian) And no suggestions were at all. 

Previously I've add some Ukrainian bands like TNMK, Skryabin, TOL, Tartak, Anna, all of them can be in last playlist. But algorithm did not show any music genres in Russian, English, Ukrainian which can be depend on previous likes in profile.

I hope this logic can be updated. Thanks in advance 

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