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Web Player no longer working/loading on Surface RT IE11


Web Player no longer working/loading on Surface RT IE11

I have been using the Spotify Web Player on my Surface for a couple of weeks now. Did a restart on my Surface RT (due to updates), and now the Web Player will not load (and there is no Spotify App for the Surface RT on the WWindows Store). Everytime I click on the Web Player link at the bottom of the Spotify Home Page, I get reverted back to the main site (just running around in circles). I can access Spotify's Web Player from my Windows PC. A Windows Update may have changed some setting, but what could that possibly have been ?


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You're not alone. All I get to see is the page, can't open the webplayer anymore..

I hope anybody out there has a clue 🙂

Same exact thing over here, just redirects to the main site 😞

Any news on this topic? Have the same problem with my Lumia 2520/ WinRT. 

No news yet.


Still cannot use WinRT to access Spotify.

The same here. I can't believe there is no way of contacting spotify directly. It's ridiculous.

Same here, Spotify genuinely prevented me from downloading music illeagally, disappointed that despite paying every month for the service, I can't use it on my WinRT and it has now become more inconvenient to play by the rules and not download music.

I also have a surface tablet and Spotify is doing the same thing.  I had been using the webplayer on the Surface Tablet for a couple of months but around 2 months ago it wouldn't load the webplayer page.


They have obviously chaged something that sends us back to the web player link which then ultimately keeps on refreshing the same page. Hopefully they can find a resolution soon.

Hi RedNed

I have given up on this problem and purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro which
supports Spotify and Sonos. I would not be surprised if the same thing
happens again in a few years!

Happy Christmas - Ray

Same here...can't find a way to get around this 😞

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