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Web player doesn't advance in playlist

Web player doesn't advance in playlist

The web player stops after each song in the playlist. Only refreshing the page and hitting Play plays the next song. This went bad this week.

Firefox 59.0.2 64-bit


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Hey @retepaskab! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound cool.

Have you tried to use a different browser to see if the issue still persists there?

And have you tried to clear your browser cache/cookies?


Let me know how it goes! ^^


it happens to me to since few days. i tried a lot of browser but it doesnt' work and I need the web player to work. If it won't be solved I must cancel my premium account and go back to google music.

I agree, I am having the same trouble. I might cancel my subscription today also. I mostly use Firefox, but I've tried IE and it won't support spotify. I can't use Chrome on this computer.


Wish I knew what fix there could be?

I have this issue as well (Firefox 52.7.3esr).  It appeared this week.

I noticed that if you click in the progress bar (which is stuck at the 0 second mark) the song will begin to play. But, having to do this after every single track is onerous.


On my cell phone (Android app) and my desktop PC (Windows app) there are no issues, but on my work PC I cannot install the app, so I am stuck with this broken web player...

same, it works in chrome but not in firefox.

To add to this post, restarting browser, logging out, clearing cookies/cache does not fix the issue.  Can't change browsers as I am not allowed to install new software on this machine.

Works ok on home computer, maybe it has something to do with a firewall? Will try clearing the cache tomorrow. Any hints what cookies do I have to delete? I have useful things in cache, don't want to clear everything.

After clearing cookies&cache of spotify: works. But this process should be automatic.

Is this in Firefox? Mine recently stopped playing continuously. It'll get to the end of a song then won't play the next but the time bar will be showing towards the end of the next song

I have this exact problem. On firefox. Clearing cache and cookies did not help.
(Can`t use Chrome. Work computer.)

I have also opened the console to see what goes wrong and these are the error messages :

Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at ...
XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location
Will-change memory consumption is too high. Budget limit is the document surface area multiplied by 3 (845680 px). Occurrences of will-change over the budget will be ignored. featured
As far as the memory goes i got our tech guy to free some up and this was never a problem be...

This is happening to me as well. Just started yesterday. Really annoyying as I am trying to work and getting frustrated.

Hi guys,


This same thing happens to me, too. Not sure what the problem is; I noticed it after a Firefox update; I will try this on the Google Chrome browser I have as well (hopefully that resolves the problem). However, it sounds like Spotify needs to also look into this, especially for those of us who are stuck using Firefox as their only web browser.

One thing I do is, if I have Firefox minimized, I open it back up and click on a random song, then I click on the next one in the playlist and it will play one or two tracks again with no problem (then the same thing happens all over again). Yes, it is very frustrating and I hope Spotify takes care of this problem, soon.

EXACT same issue.  A few days ago Spotify Web Player stopped playing songs consecutively, so to listen to the next song you have to manually advance it.  It goes to the next song, but doesn't start it.

I am one of the unlucky ones stuck with having to use the Web Player, on a work PC our I.T. stripped the desktop app and we cannot download Chrome.  So Firefox is my only avenue to listen on my PC.

I've tried the now cliched "clear your cookies/cache" as well (seems like this is everyone's 'go to' troubleshooting solution.  Doesn't work...signed out/rebooted several times so that clearly isn't an option to fix.

Anybody with a solution?  Spotify support, can you hear us?

I started to use the Spotify web player, through Google Chrome. No complaints at all, actually. I wonder, do any of you have an AD Blocker in your Firefox browsers? I have one, and I noticed that since I am no longer premium--even the ads are not functioning correctly. I have AD Block Plus; I wonder if that is somehow blocking the content in the playlists?


Just a thought; clearing the browser history has no effect on any of this. This has to be a firefox issue.

Today it doesn't work again. (deleted cookies yesterday, that fixed it only for one day?) I don't wan't to deleted cookies&cache every day.

It shows the next song, at the position the previous song ended, and stops there.

@veganrichy my Firefox browser has no third party add-ons at all.  This is strictly a compatibility problem between Spotify's web player and Firefox itself.

Yes, it is definitely a Firefox issue.

It happens the same to me. I'm using Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit) and it happens to me since yesterday.

Is there any actual solution proposed by Spotfiy?

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