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Web player only playing one song

Web player only playing one song

I've been using the web player for a few months now and it's great.  Today I went in to the same playlist I always listen to, hit the green "play" button and went to the "queue app"  Instead of playing a song and then going to a random one and playing on (random is clicked), it just plays one song and stops.  I can click the 'next' button to get it to play the next song, but it won't just play the playlist like normal.  Using Chrome.

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I noticed that the "play meter" which shows how many seconds of the song have played and how long it is it total, is not functioning in Chrome. Everything seems to work fine in Firefox

I've got the same problem on Firefox

Mine has been doing this for about a week. What is going on Spotify!?

Hey @ACCOUNTANTLD and @kilispotify


There's an Issue thread created for this issue - click here to see it. Updates on it will be posted there.

Make sure to add a vote to mark that you're having this issue as well, and provide information in the comments. 🙂


The original comments were about the flash-based web player. Things have moved on and the current one is HTML5.

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