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What happened to the new music playlist?

What happened to the new music playlist?

Spotify (US) had a playlist that listed all new spotify releases every tuesday (and contained the new music for the past 2 or so weeks).  Now it has been changed to a much more limited playlist with only the "best new released songs updated weekly."  I do not want the new music to be prescreened.  The whole reason I subscribed to the playlist was to listen to ALL of the new music.  I cannot find a new playlist that replaces this if it exists.  They have continually made it harder to find a general listing of new music with every "upgrade."  It's getting annoying that it's so hard to do something so simple.

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Wondering has it been replaced by Browse > New Releases?

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That option has been there but it is not an exhaustive list like the previous playlist. It also is annoyingly displayed as album art instead of a playlist making it hard to listen to different tracks without constantly clicking back and forth. It also doesn't retain new releases over the past couple of weeks.

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