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Why do i get racist propaganda in discover weekly?

Why do i get racist propaganda in discover weekly?

I found a song in discover weekly that i first liked but when i started to listen to the lyrics and googled on the band it occured to me its very alt right and extremly questionable politics behind it! 

I feel seriously violated by getting this in my discover weekly and im upset that it even excist on spotify! I listen to alot of left wing-music and have no idea how this got through to me! I even recommended the song to some friends before realizing what it was. 

This is not acceptable at all!! Band im talking about is called "Lilou & John" and are seems to be supported by alt right media in Sweden!

Link to text from the band (In swedish though)

Please remove this asap!!!

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I suggest all money they have earned from spotify will be taken back aswell! I hope Spotify Co dont want to support this kind of artists!

Well, this was awkward.


We are the band in question, and noteably among our songs you can hear "Next Year in Jerusalem" that is a lament for the Jewish diaspora and a moving song about the dream of Israel in the late 19th century. You can also hear ”He broke my neck, Josephine” that is basically a **bleep** love story, much like that of Orfeus and Eurydice but with a twist. 


Another song is ”Bataclan” where the lyric tries to grasp the ideas and emotions behind terrorism. A fourth example is ”Petrodollar Wars” that is a deep psychological dive into the warped mindset of a mercenary. ”9/11” is an attempt to describe the banality of evil and starts with the gas chambers used during World War II.


The song in question (Payback Day) is a song about free speech and the right to criticize politicians and journalists. If you say that is "racist" we say John Stuart Mill and Martin Luther King were racists according to you.


We are a conceptual art music duo, influenced by the same fascination for the different narratives that build up society as Michel Foucault. Therefore we write about everything. 


Furthermore, we will not apologize that our music is not left-wing enough for you, and if you liked the song, and even recommended it to your friends, it feels a bit neurotic to ask for it to be removed once you realized it wasn’t the politically correct anthem you hoped it would be.


As for the Alt-right, we have connections with Anarchists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Communists as well and believe that all people should be treated as human beings and not files you can erase from a disc.


I hope that the Spotify team shares our point of view and shows this by standing up for human rights.


Sincerely, Lilou & John

And why is the word l.e.s.b.i.a.n replaced with a **bleep** in our answer?

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