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Windows Phone 8.1 mobile streaming not working

Windows Phone 8.1 mobile streaming not working



I am a premium account owner using a Nokia Lumia 830 on Windows Phone 8.1. I even did a reset of my smartphone to make sure the problem isnt coming from somewhere else. Reinstalling the app did also not work of course. Also worth noting is I am using the Telekom Contract where it doesnt charge your data volume when you use spotify on mobile internet.


The Problem is as following:


On WiFi everything is working fine. But when I am on 3G/4G what happens is, the song starts playing and stops after 2-5 seconds and I see "loading" in spotify. When I try to start the song again the same happens. Sometimes it works after like 10-20 trys or if I change some settings, restart 3G/4G, but I havent found a working solution - it all seems so random.


When I start the music on wifi and then leave the house - it seems to be able to keep playing - its really really strange.


Oh and btw the issue is not a bad connection or something like that, I have the problem with 100Mbit LTE available. Also on my Android Smartphone everything is working perfectly with the same SIM card


I beg you look into this. Because I am a heavy spotify user and really cant use it anymore now...



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btw I use the german version.


Just found out it doesnt say "loading" but "resuming" in the english version


oh and this is a bump!

Another huge problem:


Spotify on WP creates WAY more traffic than on android. as mentioned above the streaming of the songs itself isnt coming off my data plan with t-mobile, but the loading of playlists etc is. And every time I read "resuming" it seems to produce some kind of traffic (that imho has been loaded before already - i always wonder what its trying to download).


This is also a huge problem for me. On Android i had no problems getting through the month with my data plan, now the datavolume is gone after just 10 days!

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