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Windows phone 8.1 spotify gets stuck when loading the app.


Windows phone 8.1 spotify gets stuck when loading the app.

When i open the app it satys in the loading page... it never loads.. i tried to reinstall and works but again i am back to the same problem. is very anoying since i cannot even play any music.. i am paying for nothing :S 


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uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work. Unistalling, rebooting and installing worked.

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In my Lumia 1020 it takes about 5-10 minutes to get the app work. Spotify app for Windows Phone is brilliant piece of S-H-I-T.

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I think it's time to realize Nokia phones are best forgotten, and especially the Nokia Spotify App. I've unfortunately paid for Spotify on a Nokia for two years now, but I got myself a Galaxy S7 today. Will post video later of me smashing the Lumia 930 with a sledge, with Spotify at "loading" still. I hope you look forward to it as much as i do.


Thanks, over and out..

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Same here. It's been like this for at least 24 hours.

I get this sometimes as well. I've had times where it's worked with no issue, but I have quite a few times where I have this problem. I find that it stops whenever I'm not online (mainly if I choose Offline Mode) but the issue arises if I want to listen to music I don't have downloaded or if I want to make music available offline, which I need to be online for. I've noticed that whenever it does the loading thing, it says "No Network Available" on the Offline & Sync section, which must be related to it. If anyone can, go to that page if they have the loading issue and see if it says the same for them.

I have noticed that I have to toggle the offline mode and turn my wifi on and off to get offline playlists to sync sometimes recently but this is worse than that issue. The app won't even open, all I get is the Spotify logo and the windows "running dots" so no option to switch between online and offline mode.

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uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work. Unistalling, rebooting and installing worked.

i did this... so far it has been working... i will be back un a week or so. to see if the fix still works. 🙂

same problem for me.. lumia 930.. problem with the connection in wifii and 3g...


it has been  a while since i applied the "WA" remove app.. restart... install app. the problem its not there anymore.. hope this can work with most of the WP...    at least for my case this can closed as fixed.

Same issue for me Nokia Lumia 930 just dots loading and after while the app crashes, resetting, reinstalling won't work! Is there a solution please? Pictures on the Spotify website are looking fine but the app won't work so I cannot use my premium account?

Same problem with my lumia 735.
When still accessible, offline mode reduce latency.
Sometimes gets totaly stucks at loading state and reinstall needed.

Again problem persists; when can we expect to receive a well performing spotify app update for windows phones 8.1 please? 

I already moved to android... Windows phone support sucks

this is so sad.


I have huge issues on 3g/4g. I am using spotify flatrate of t-mobile and its not working at all.

when my data volume is finished for the month spotify should work anyway, since its a special contract for streaming with my provider.

but since I switched to WP this doesnt work correctly at all anymore.

Sometimes it takes like 20 trys to start a song. I really dont know whats wrong. on WLAN it works normal.

Oh and before on Android everything was working fine all the time...

It just happened to me, very same issue. I've tried countless reboots and reinstalls, no success, deleted backups and temp files, problem persists. App hangs on splash screen...that's the premium experience on Windows Phone.

We shouldnt have to **bleep**ing reinstall Spotify for it to work every other week. Now i have to download all my lists again before it happens again. What's the point of this?


I've never seen such unprofessionalism ever. They dont give one **bleep** about these problems, they dont adress them they just let us figure it out ourselves and whatever **bleep** solution we come up with is "fine". Like REINSTALLING the app every 2nd week. Yeah great product, you guys must be really proud of what youre putting out to paying customers.

well, if reinstalling would work I would be kind of satisfied.

for me nothing is working at all...


why is **bleep** is no mod getting back at these topics?

Using this app is just horrible. Turns something beautiful like listening to music to a really unsatisfying experience.

Thank you spotify for ruining me my music.You can be sure i'll remember your (paying) customer service. If my mobile-contract expires (in wich spotfy is part of), i think i'm done with you.


You can be sure, i'm a really loyal customer, but you treat your Windows Phone customers like sh1t.


One more think, what do you think where will be your mobile user (customer) base when Apple music launches on iOS and Android and there is only a creepy app on Windows Phone (Windows 10).


Have a nice day

Spotify's Windows Phone app is embarrasing. I received "support" from them a couple of weeks ago regarding this issue on Twitter. While they were resposive, they simply suggested the "uninstall, reboot & reinstall" trick. That worked for about 24 hours, then nothing but dots for the songs in my playlists - after they take forever to load up. Those same playlists load instantly on my iPad.


Spotify - Sure, the Windows Phone market isn't huge compared to your iOS and Android customer base. However, by releasing an app that gives the user - paid users (like me) - a horrible experience, you will lose those customers to an alternate service. Because of this lack of support and caring, I will likely move my paid subscription (and my two family memebers) to a different service that works properly on ALL devices.


Maybe I will revisit this service once you have a good universal Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile app (see my other rant: ).


Lumia 830 - WP 8.1 (Denim) Update 2 - US / T-Mobile

It doesnt work anymore, what do i do now?

After using the app fine for the last 2 months on my Lumia 830 it's just stopped working. Tried re-installing but nada... What now?


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